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1/20/10 9:39 P

Agree, Favre and Manning duel would be pretty darn exciting.

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1/20/10 3:01 P

Since my Cowboys imploded I'm going for the Colts and Vikings. I want to see Favre and Manning go at it. They are 2 of my favorite players all-time. Should be pretty explosive.

1/20/10 2:38 P

Well guys comming from the uk i have not seen much football but i watched both games this week and on that score i would say vikings forgive me if i aint got a clue i'm learning with every game i watch emoticon

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1/19/10 11:01 A

Well then stop trying to rain on my parade.

1/19/10 11:00 A

I KNOW about heart and feelins, I'm a STEELERS fan and the Steelers have NEVER been a machine-like football team, they're ALL heart & Soul!

2UNHEALTHY Posts: 2,231
1/19/10 10:46 A

Oh JOE...we all know machines have no heart and more times than not when the chips are down heart is what shines...didn't you see Terminator Salvation? Plus more people pull for the underdog than the 'well oiled machine' so that my belief in the power of positive thinking (and the power in numbers) will carry us through...J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!

1/19/10 9:46 A

The Colts are just an amazing MACHINE whereas the Jets are just a very good team. The jets are going to enjoy a LOT of good years in the near future but not THIS year, LOL!

The Vikings have Farve and that's good but I think he had his very last stand this past game.

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1/18/10 9:42 P

I love Football. I'm just hoping for some good games.

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1/18/10 8:51 P

Colts vs Saints in the Superbowl!

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1/18/10 8:02 P


1/18/10 6:38 P

Not sure about the spread, but either game should be good to watch. Colts v. Jets will be interesting, if nothing else to see how Sanchez does against a defense wanting to win. Manning is Manning and will do what he always does, but the wild card in this is how well the defense does in stopping the run and forcing Sanchez to pass.

As for the Vikings and Saints, hmm, two gunslingers, one older and wiser, the other younger and more brash. I think in that game we will see Favre as a youngster again (Brees) and Favre as a seasoned veteran. If the Vikings can keep the ball, then the Saints will always be looking for the big play, aka pass then run. The Vikings' defense should be able to hold Brees in check, but it will be fun to watch regardless.

Picks: Colts by 9, Vikings by 3.

Super Bowl (based on the above picks): Vikings by 3

2UNHEALTHY Posts: 2,231
1/18/10 1:38 P

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!!!

Funny enough the Colts gave them thier in to the playoffs and now they're going to regret it...TWICE!

BCVWDW Posts: 389
1/18/10 11:21 A

I don't know about your spread, but I like the way you're thinking KILLER_JOE! Go Colts!!

1/18/10 10:39 A

The Jets vs. The Colts

The Vikings vs. The Saints

My predictions:
Colts by 10
Saints by 3

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