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MODEMAMA Posts: 200
2/18/12 5:24 A

My 7 year old daughter is on Vyvanse too. It seemed to help then after a few weeks she just fell apart. She was angry all the time, and unable to focus.

The doctor added a low dose of Zoloft and it was amazing. She can now focus better in school, and her meltdowns are minimal.

The combo is working well for her, hopefully in a few adjustments she'll be leveled out.

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RUNHAPPEE Posts: 7,293
2/11/12 10:06 A

I've thought about that also. She's been on a few different types of meds so far. I hate to add an extra one, but I know there is one that could be given in the afternoon to help. I've done all the incentives with her. She has a Wii, we have Netflix, she has a laptop, she has many things she can earn time on, but it just doesn't seem to work. She's in her "I don't care" mode right now, which I was hoping wouldn't start until the teenage years but she seems to be there already!

I may try taking her to the library immediately afterschool and have her do her homework there and see if that helps. That's a treat for her also. And for me, too.

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2/10/12 12:30 P

Hi! I was just reading the boards and saw your last post about your ADHD daughter and her medications. While my son does not have Aspergers, he does have ADHD and we too had him on Concerta (not generic) and it wore off before he was out of school, so tutoring, and then homework at the house was very difficult because he was so preoccupied with anything other than work. We now have him on Focalin and the teachers tell me they have noticed a difference in his attention span, as well as fewer disruptions and outbursts during class. Homework time is still not "easy" because no matter what, he will always try to "buy time" going to the restroom, getting a drink, etc. But we have started giving him incentives such as extra time during the week talking to his friends (if his work is complete) and even having a friend over to hang out and play xbox from the neighborhood. It seems to be working much better using the positive "reward" program with him, instead of punishment when he does something wrong. You might want to ask her nuerologist about another type of medication, there are so many choices and every child reacts differently to each one. Hope this may have helped, and let me know how she does. Have a great weekend!

RUNHAPPEE Posts: 7,293
2/9/12 11:37 A

I'm 29 with Bipolar Disorder and ADHD (among other things) and my 8 yr old daughter has ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome. Her and I both are taking the generic form of Concerta at 54mg. Our psychiatrist had upped it to 54mg because she said the generic is chemically not as strong as the Concerta.

I've noticed while it calms my daughter down, she's able to focus, concentrate, actually speak and her processing issues aren't as bad, her appetite is decreased. Now, it has a similar effect on me, I'm able to focus, process things better, much more motivated, and my appetite is definitely decreased (which I have no problem with on me, yay! On her, not so thrilled about), I'm not as calm. I think I have a little more energy which is a good thing. But I'm also on other meds (Prozac, Abilify, Topamax) so it could be influenced by those, too.

Around that 4:00 time it starts to wear off. I know this because she seems to have a difficult time talking and our in-home therapist says I sometimes sound like I'm manic or something. Then homework is a pain because neither one of us is functioning on a good level and we end up waiting until the morning to do it after we've both taken our meds and she's had breakfast.

Anyone else feel like a guinea pig?

DONORMAMA SparkPoints: (49,072)
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2/3/12 11:54 A

I am glad to hear there is hope for a good outcome. We use a timer for our daughter for her reading. She struggles so much in reading. They do miss out on fun through the week, but we have tried to make time for fun on the weekends for her. Thanks for responding.

KJKEITH1 SparkPoints: (6,809)
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2/3/12 9:59 A

I raised two ADHD kids to adulthood...we all lived.

I developed a task tracker that helped my daughter go from Cs and Ds to As and Bs, she could not tolerate the available meds. We set a timer for 5 minutes when she started a homework task. When the timer went off, she just checked what she was doing, and got back on task if she was off. We gradually increased the timer when it was clear that she was still on task for that amount of time. The timer settings varied for different tasks, e.g., math was harder to stay on task than reading literature but writing was easier to get distracted from.

The ADHD youngster takes a lot longer to complete a homework assignment at least partly because distractions eat up time. They miss out on time for relaxation, play, interaction because they still haven't finished that assignment.

DONORMAMA SparkPoints: (49,072)
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4/21/11 8:42 A

My husband and I adopted a little girl 2 years ago with ADHD and also RADS(Reactive Attachment Disorder). She takes Concerta and it gets her through her school day. She is 8 years old now, we also see hers wear off around 4:30. The dr tried to put her on more, but the we found she could not sleep. The dr wanted to give her sleep meds, so we did but took her off it caused her very bad headaches. Life with an ADHD child is ALWAYS interesting. Remember to take your parent breaks or you may never make it. I take a 4 day weekend get away every year with my girlfriend. This year we are going to Canada. Will be praying for you and your child.

SANDERSON83 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/20/11 4:15 P

My son has ADHD but he hasn't been put on meds yet. I've spoken with his therapist about meds however (because chances r that he'll be on them eventually) and she said that many of her patients take more in the afternoon to help with homework or whatever needs to be done at home. Good luck!

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4/20/11 11:42 A

My son Zac is the same way! He takes his Concerta 36mg in the morning (7:45), and it's worn off by 4pm. He started out on the low dose 18mg, worked well for about three months, got changed to 27mg, same and now the dose he's on. The doctor told us that the body will build up a tolerance to it (unfortunately), and we will have to try something new next time.

Zac does have a low dose he can take in the afternoon, but we try to do without it. With my son, he won't eat much for dinner and will still be wide awake at midnight! Hoping that at one point we will be able to get a handle on it.

5ZT9Q0 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/19/11 11:18 A

I am an adult and I take adderall. I personally do notice that the medication is less effective after a few months. When I mentioned this to my doctor who suggested changing medications or increasing the dosage. I asked if there were any other options because the adderall really works great, but I wasn't too excited about just upping the dose every time my body gets used to it.

My doctor said that I could see if a "medication vacation" would help. Now, whenever I start to feel like the medication isn't working, I taper off my adderall dose over a few days (30mg/day really isnt that much anyway..) and then take about 10 days off. I feel a bit sleepy and slow for a day or two, but after the 10 days my normal prescription works like gold for another few months.

The brain is a fairly resilient organ, but I think the "medication vacation" concept is a nice rest from the constant bombardment of chemicals... and since it appears to work I'm gonna stick with it.

I hope that helps. :)

HEATHER409 SparkPoints: (17,064)
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4/19/11 10:57 A

Our 15 year old is on Concerta and we have noticed that when he takes it at 7:00 am it usually wears off around 4:00 pm. The only problem we've really had with it is it affects his appetite. When he first started taking it, he never told us, but he skipped lunch everyday. Now he takes a second script that helps maintain his appetite while he takes his Concerta. We finally have a fairly well balanced teenager who eats 3 meals a day! Sometimes it's just a matter of trial and error with the meds. Talk to his doctor, the doctor may suggest a different dosage time if the meds wear off at a certain time. Just my 2 cents :)

BCB1234 Posts: 617
4/18/11 7:24 P

I need to see if anyone has the same problems my almost 8 year old is having. He was diagnosed in December and started his meds in January. He started on Concerta at the lowest dose and it wore off too soon, we went to the next dose and it caused his blood pressure to raise. Now he is on Vyvance and despite the potential side effects, it worked great. Now a 6 weeks in it seems as though it isnt working at all anymore. Is there anyone else out there having the same issues?

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