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12/19/12 8:11 P

I work 7pm-7am also, I track my food from midnight to midnight everyday.

I eat 5-6 small meals. A meal when I first get up/before I start my shift, a snack, a "luch" or mid day meal, another snack and then a final meal- I try to make my final meal the smallest, most full of protein and veggies/fiber, and then if I am hungry again, I have a light snack like a low fat cheese stick and a rice cake.
I eat between 1200-1450 calories everyday

Here's an example of what I eat:
1st meal (breakfast) 1 egg/ with some low fat cheese-120 calories
Light Yogurt 90 calories
fiber one 90 calorie bar

1st snack:
Apple slices w/peel about 70 calories
Low fat cheese stick- 60 calories

Mid day meal:
1 Can of veggie soup- about 200 calories
Carrot sticks and Oasis brand hummus- 70 calories
sugar free jello pudding 60 calories

2nd snack (about 2-3 hours later)
Dannon Light Yogurt- 90 calories
Cucumber slices- 30 calories

Final meal:
Slices of Kraukas light deli ham- about 4 ounces- 100 calories
sweet peas- about 80 calories
lipton cup of soup- 50 calories

Then if I get hungry again, I have some calories left to have an Old wisconsin turkey snack stick- 35 calories, cucumber slices and or low fat string cheese

That equates to about 1200 calories, and I am not hungry.

I keep with my some extra healthy snacks- more carrot sticks, laughing cow cheese, another fiber one 90 calorie bar, popped rice cakes...

I hoep that helps.
By the way, I work in a hospital, I don't have much time to eat, and those items don't take me much time at all, but I have read soooooo many articles that by eating 5 times a day, it helps Mood, blood sugar, serotonin levels, and keeps the "metabolism furnace" burning all day.
It's been working for me. Since I started doing that, I have lost 27 lbs since October.

I also make sure to get my vitamins, especially Vitamin D and 8-10 glasses of water.

On my days off when I am up during the day, I follow the same routine, 5 small meals a dayLet's say I work 12 hours tonight then I am off tomorrow, I eat 1 snack and 2 meals before midnight, then after midnight I have one meal, 1-2 snacks.

I sleep maybe 6 hours and Then I have 1 more meal that night and 1 snack, so it still equals about 5 times a day per 24 hours.

Try tracking midnight-midnight

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12/19/12 6:50 P

I work 12 hour shifts, nights. If I work 3 in a row, I'm ok, I eat 3 meals, plus 2 more the first day, then because I am sleeping, the 2 days after I work, I eat twice a day.
I do not go hungry, I am sleeping, so I dont need to eat.

The trouble is when I work one, off one, work one..... you get the picture. I feel like I eat constantly. Anyone do this and know what works?

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