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7/2/14 11:15 P

I don't know if this will be any help to you - it is the Midland Fertility Services Diet Plan.

Here is another that you may find helpful:


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7/2/14 10:59 P

Thank you. I've tried Greek yogurt and sadly thought it was yucky. I will and can eat small amounts of cottage cheese. I may need to eliminate dairy as a further step. Unfortunately I hate fish, except for crab legs. I wish I did like it as it would open up other options for me eating wise. Pcos is now being considered an autoimmune disease by some and though I don't want to, I may have to go to the AIP diet. Auto immune protocol diet. It's nightmarishly restrictive and there are no organ meats I will eat which is what it wants you to do. I'm trying to avoid it but it may be the only thing that works. The first time I read through it I cried.

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7/2/14 9:48 P

Are you able to eat Greek Yoghurt or Cottage Cheese? Both a great sources of protein.

What about eating or increasing fish? Salmon, Sardines, Tuna - great protein, and healthy oils. Are you able to eat peas? They are a good source of protein.

Take a look at what protein you DO eat, and see if you can increase that, but decrease something else. Sometimes it is a case of tweaking, but unfortunately some people need a longer period of time to do this than others :-(

I really hope that you are able to find something that works properly for you!
Kris xx

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7/2/14 3:05 P

I did increase my calories gradually until I started to lose. I started on a low carb diet with grains and didn't start to lose until I eliminated them. I have been tested for celiac but my doctor told me there is so much we don't know about gluten that if I dropped eight by dropping grains I should stay away from them. Soy is known for causing inflammation in women with pcod. If I accidentally eat it I'll gain a few pounds. The nutrionist doctor also had me sit down with a dietician. I gave her all my eating info tracked on myfitnesspal and she gave me the same bad advice the nutrionist did. Eating a bunch of chemicals is not what I want to do. My gp told me she wants me to eat 100 grams of protein a day. That isn't easy. I usually only consume about 85grams.

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7/2/14 2:34 A

Was the Nutritionist a Registered Dietitian? If not, then perhaps you should ask your Dr for a referral to one. if he/she WAS a Registered Dietitian, then I suggest going back and taking some printouts from your Nutrition Tracker. Talk with your Endo about it. Did they do tests to see if you have wheat and/or gluten intolerance? Have you had allergy tests re the soy etc.?

Do you keep a diary of the foods that you have eaten and they effects your are suffering? Even if they don't seem to be related, in time a pattern might show up. I have done that with excellent results for my son when he was little and had a number of bad allergies; for my husband who had bad Crohn's Disease; and also for me, with food allergies and intolerance.

There is a HUGE difference between 1200 and 2000 calories. Perhaps meeting in the middle somewhere would have been a good starting point.

I really hope that you can find something that works well for you. I understand how frustrating it can be when it appears we are doing everything right, yet our bodies don't do the right thing in response :-(


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7/2/14 1:01 A

I'm not angry but I'm frustrated, especially when I hear from so many, and not here specifically, that I just need diet and exercise. I upped my caloric intake from 1200 to 2000 because the 1200 was too low. I end up with inflamation from soy and grain/gluten seems to have the same affect. I am in the care of an endo and just had new blood work done 3 months ago. I take 5000 iui vit d because I'm deficient. I take metformin. I take a multitude of supplements including magnesium, B complex and NAC. I saw a nutrionist 2 months ago that have the wrist advice ever. I eat whole foods, no processed foods, vegetables, protein, healthy fats and a select few fruits everyday. I have done everything I'm "supposed to" and my body will not cooperate. I have high blood pressure meds I need to take and sleep apnea. I need this weight off for my health. I have no trouble sticking to my diet, it's simply the way I eat now.

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7/1/14 1:06 A

Several thoughts.... first of all, this thread is almost a year old; so I don't think anyone was addressing your situation! You seem very angry at the world.... ??

If you were diagnosed 16 years ago....when was the last time you checked in with your Doctor/Endocrinologist/Nutritionist??? IF its been several years, I'd suggest you check back with them! So much research has been done in these fields these past years...they just might be able to support you in better ways now. If at all possible, try getting into a University Medical Clinic if you didn't like/trust your previous professionals....

Many of us certainly realize it IS difficult to work around endocrine issues; and insulin resistance is a tough one too.... But you don't have to go "no carb" "no grain"....and you should be eating a good selection of vegetables and fruits as well as the protein and healthy fats to support your vitamin and mineral needs. Also, have you considered the possibility that you are not eating enough calories for the exercise you are doing?? Our bodies tend to hang onto every-single-calorie if we are constantly eating at a deficit; and eventually our metabolism WILL slow down from doing that.

I wish you all the best as you work through these issues....

PS...was thinking more on your situation last night....have you ever asked your doctor to check your Vit D and Vit B levels??? Deficiencies can affect your metabolism, your energy levels, and therefore, weight loss. They are far easier to correct than sticking with some diet pill that *might* change things for a bit...but what happens when you stop taking it??? don't state how many calories a day you eat...Do you track that at all?? I would suggest you make the effort to learn for yourself if you have enough/too many calories. Take care...and do post again!!!

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6/30/14 11:15 P

People make it sound so easy. Just eat right and exercise and you'll lose. It's not that easy for everyone. I have an endocrine disorder and insulin resistance. I saw all the doctors. A ridiculous nutrionist who told me diet soda was fine, artificial sweeteners were fine, eat whatever I wanted just smaller portions blah blah blah. And she was supposed to be well versed in my disorder. All the research I've done, as I was diagnosed 16 years ago says no carb, no grain, no soy, good fats and lean protein. That's all I eat. I have no trouble at all sticking to my low carb, grain/soy free diet. I eat according to the leptin diet, 3 times a day. I don't eat after 7. I did Sean t's insanity, finished the program. Did turbo fire, also finished it. You know what I lost? 3 pounds. So please do not tell me just changing your eating and exercising is all that needs to be done. I gain weight suddenly and for no apparent reasons. I gained 40 pounds in 2 months once and hadn't changed anything. I was 21 and my gp told me I was just getting older and my metabolism was slowing down. So pardon me if after every attempt at doing it the "right" way has failed that I try this. I've read the reviews on here and at this point I need to try something. It seems to help other women I've talked to who have the same disorder. Tomorrow morning I try my first pill. I have no problem with will power or eating properly. I exercise 5 times a week or more and still weigh 193 pounds and people look at me and think I must be lying about what I eat or how much I exerciser. I'm tired and I'm going to give it a try and I will post my honest results. Since I already adhere to a strict diet if it works you can know then that there is something to it. I drink nothing but water and green tea. Here's hoping something works

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10/28/13 12:29 P

As others have said, diet pills (ACE or otherwise) are not worth the money. What works--and will keep working for the rest of your life, as opposed to pills, which stop working the instant you stop taking them--is changing your lifestyle: eating less and moving more. I lost 70+ lbs. that way.

As for drinks, throughout my weight loss and now in maintenance, I have drunk water, fizzy water (not sweetened, but sometimes flavored--like LaCroix brand, for example), tea, and coffee (both of those without sugar, milk, or cream, but I have always had my tea and coffee black). Very, very rarely, I might have a glass of orange juice or apple cider, but I almost never drink anything with calories in it, because I just prefer to keep those calories available for food!

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10/28/13 5:21 A

Betsy, my advice: stay away from quick promises of success.
Weight loss (and the following maintenance) takes commitment and work.

That's the bottom line.

However, it's worth reading the articles and learning all you can about what you're eating, so that you make the best choices for your body.

You'll hear lots of contradictory opinions about various foods, because everybody's metabolism is different. Some do better on low fat; some on low carb; some on vegetarian . . . the list could go on all day.

As you progress, you'll discover what makes you feel best, and is best for YOU. Not me, not the lady down the road . . . YOU.

Best wishes.

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10/28/13 4:19 A

I haven't tried them and I never will. I can understand that promises for quick weight loss can be enticing but the fact is that you can lose the same amount of weight in the same amount of time in a much healthier manner.
They probably have the same disclaimer on them that ALL "weight loss" products have which is something to the effect of:
This product is not guaranteed, individual results vary, works best when paired with a healthy diet and exercise"
The healthy diet and exercise works without any of the gimmicks.....and it is healthier and longer lasting than any diet pill.

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10/28/13 12:08 A

Below are a couple articles that you may find helpful:

You are far better to learn to eat healthy food, and that means when a person has to restrict the calories, learn what healthy foods are filling and lower in calories.

As far as water is concerned, water has no calories or additives, so in that respect it is much better for us, but fluid is fluid, regardless of where it comes from. Just make sure that you don't over-do the sprite. I use it, but I go for the Zero Sprite - no calories - and put about 3/4 water and the rest sprite with sometimes a little bit of lemon juice for extra taste. When I first started doing this, I gradually weakened the sprite. I only usually drink it in the summer - in the winter I have more cups of tea, coffee substitute or lower calorie hot chocolate. I don't like water much except the occasional sip during the night, or when I am in a car, and I have my sipper bottle then.


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10/27/13 11:17 P

Have any of you guys tried for heard of the ACE diet pill? Is it worth the money?
Also, What else do you find healthy to drink other than water? Is Sprite bad for us while working hard to lose weight?

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