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1/14/12 3:35 P

I gain weight before I get my period then as soon as it starts the weight drops off. It is simply water retention though it hard to believe while I am standing on the scales a couple of kg heavier

1/14/12 1:48 P

Most of what you gain is water weight during that time (unless you're snacking a lottttt), so you should lose it fairly quickly after you're done with your visitor ;)

1/14/12 8:07 A

That's how it works for me. I tend to bloat the week before, and then lose the bloat plus a little extra during my period. It almost makes me look forward to that week a little bit :-p

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1/13/12 9:35 P

I gain..I gain during PMS and during the time of the month.....I can't win.....

if i have a significant gain, I know it's coming...LOL...since I'm on depo I don't get it often, so it sucks when I do....

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1/13/12 9:32 P

Every body is different. Many women gain weight the week prior or week of their period due to "bloating", though I don't typically experience this issue (I think because of all the water I drink), but you do technically burn a few extra calories during your period because of the extra work your body is doing.

Keep in mind also that your body weight is constantly fluctuating. You can fluctuate quite a lot just in a 24 hour period (for instance I was 125 this morning and after lunch I was 130), so you need to choose a specific time of day and specific circumstances for your weekly weigh-in. For instance, my official weigh-in is every Saturday morning right after I get up and use the bathroom, and before I eat or drink anything. I weigh in with those specific circumstances every week, which helps me to keep a more honest view of weight changes.

Also, just I guess for my own peace of mind in case anyone is concerned, I don't actually weigh in multiple times a day. I happened to get on the scale this afternoon to weigh in my 7 month old mix-breed puppy to see where she is (FYI, she is up 4 pounds since a month ago! Yay!), but I do tend to get on the scale most mornings just to check in, though I don't record anything but my Saturday weight.

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1/13/12 8:02 P

I am wondering.
I have heard a rumour that a woman tends to lose more weight around their menstrual cycle. Is this true?

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