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6/19/13 3:03 P

Don't beat yourself up, you did great!

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6/16/13 5:08 P

I wouldn't let official titles or finish times bring you down. You know you did amazing, a mistake isn't defeat. I didn't think anything of it at all, all I thought was how impressed I am of your performance! emoticon

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6/15/13 3:22 P

SIMPLELIFE2, I must be rubbing off on you. This is something I might do in the same circumstances. Congratulations on running and finishing! That's the true victory! The other "incident" is simply the human factor doin' its thang.

Spark On!

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6/15/13 12:46 P

Ran my first 5k race today at age 50, so yeah me. I was nervous about even signing up and had a queasy stomach right before the starting gun. I knew I could do the mileage, but the competition aspect of a timed event intimidated me. I looked at my fear and said, "I don't think so. Just watch me."

Here's the defeat. So freaking pissed at myself for my newbie stupidity and not understanding the course. The end was at the school stadium. At the entrance to the track, time keeper says 29:43. I am psyched. Best time ever. Hit the track and thought the people in front of me were just running it out to cool down. Then people started passing me at a quick pace.

I think I was delirious and disoriented, but it took me a full minute to realize that the actual finish line line was on the other side of the track. I hauled butt but the damage was done. I ended up fifth in my division. :-( Who stops just before the finish line?!?!? I imagine people were thinking, what's wrong with this idiot. Would have loved it if someone had pointed out where the finish line was.

Oh well, even with the screw up, my average pace was 10:06 and I hit 9:45 for my best mile time. I'll never make that mistake again. And who else has such a funny -- at least I'll think it's funny later on -- for their first 5k? Still, I really wanted to cry after I got done beating myself up.

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