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9/24/12 12:09 P

Women love the Guys' Lounge!

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9/20/12 11:34 P

Men are easy to understand. There are only a few things that drives us and most women know what those are. And there are only a few different variations. Now Women are complicated and every one of them is different.

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9/15/12 10:59 A

What a hoot. Chicks in the Guy's Lounge. Great biblical quote. emoticon

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9/15/12 1:12 A

Whaat? There is a girls lounge too? Why cant I find anything D:, though it is interesting to stalk some of the topics that the guys have.

BTW Reddit is the best, though I have seen better compilations of information from guys to girls, generally a little more on personality and sociological differences.

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9/14/12 7:18 P

I think women like to be listened to. Men should be good listeners. But we are not, at least that is not our nature. On the other hand, women can become desirable just by listening to us going on and on. We all like to be interesting.

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9/13/12 10:52 P

of all the recommendations here, the one that rings most true is about communication. I often am able to devine, though well after I was supposed to, what my SO is thinking. Mostly, it's when anger is right on the surface, but even then, when I ask "is something wrong" I get a very clear "no" -- and so I treat it as a no. I mean, I don't change or do anything different or pursue anything. I literally say to myself "my radar must be broken" and then go on with my day.

This never ends well. And every time I always get confused and go back to "but, when I asked, you said no" and get in even deeper trouble for bringing it up.

Maybe I'm dense, but I think most guys are like this.

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9/5/12 9:52 P

whats up?

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8/26/12 8:35 P

Still have a problem just listening to a long explanation on anything. I am not wired to listen for longer than 5 minutes without saying something. Unfortunately its more solution or problem oriented. That doesn't mean I'm not sensitive. I could be more patient. But then again, couldn't we all show more understanding to the human race.

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8/22/12 3:45 P

Cool, I hope they like it!

8/22/12 12:13 P

Posted to the Ladies' Room, as promised. The girls are reading and taking notes.

8/21/12 4:19 P

I'll cut and paste it and post in The Ladies Room.

I won't say that I read it in The Guys' Lounge though, or you might find more girls invading your club house emoticon )

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8/21/12 3:30 P

Yeah, I like the way you worded all that. It's fairly accurate.

It would be great to have someone care that much about me. I've honestly never experienced that.

Good job though, but maybe posting this in the Guy's Lounge isn't the best place for the women to see it.... you may want to post it in one of the other boards here.

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8/21/12 1:03 P

pretty interesting. I wish my DH and I could live the "leave it to beaver" type life, but unfortunately, life gets in the way. Everyday, we struggle to pay bills, not knowing where our next meal is coming from. We argue a lot because of the enormous stress put on our lives. Too many people think that YOU could be getting more work, thus, no one wants to lend a hand to help you out, not even your own church. I tell you, if a little more people get in this same boat that everyone appears to be on, then one day soon this boat is gonna SINK!! Sorry, I don't think my post has anything to do with your topic. I apologize .

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8/21/12 9:32 A

Someone on Reddit posted this, I have copied the text here for people to read, but I will put a link to it at the end as well. I would kill for a similar guide to women. Let me know what you think. I had to use [this style edit] for potential profanity, because the sparkpeople profanity filter kept catching me. I may have over edited, but for a while I was having trouble finding what the problem was.-

"Woman here...IMO, you can't make a man (or anyone) feel a certain way, but after having posted a couple threads about being a supportive woman, I have gotten a [lot] of feedback. Here's what I've learned:

-Don't be cutesy; no baby-talking your man or making little kissy faces like you would to a puppy

-Do ask him to help with physical tasks, like moving heavy stuff, opening pickle jars, and squashing nasty [b]ugs

-Don't expect him to communicate like a woman; if you have a problem, he will probably offer a solution rather than simply listening. Let him know if you just want him to listen. Similarly, don't talk to him like a female friend; he doesn't want to hear about how fat you think your [butt] is or how much callous you peeled off your heel. He may not have an opinion on your lipstick or nail color.

-He may not have an opinion on many things. He may not be thinking anything. He is not always aware of exactly what he's feeling. Stop trying to get him to bare his soul like you do with your girl friends after 2 glasses of wine and some [relations] in the City re-runs (gag).

-Do let him decompress. Let him have quiet time to play video games, play guitar, work out, fap, take a long dump, whatever. You don't need a play-by-play of his whole day as soon as he walks through the door.

-Do treat him...dinner, a massage, [oral], lingerie. Enjoy [relations] with him, and if you don't, communicate what you want him to do.

-NEVER EVER EVER say anything bad about his [equipment] or his body. You wouldn't want him to do this to you, even as a joke. Your man's equipment] is a magical pleasure pole that you crave and adore and he is your stallion.

-Don't expect him to read your mind. If you let him know what you want (as a request, not a demand) and he does it, let him know how awesome he is.

-Don't pressure him to open up if he's stressed. Men go into man-caves to figure [stuff] out. Let him know you're there for him. Be his cheerleader, not his coach. Or his mother.

Edit: A few more things I just thought of.

-Do realize that a man compartmentalizes. While he's working on his car, he's thinking about car stuff. While he's gaming, he's thinking about gaming. While he's showering, he's pondering the mysteries of the universe and he can't hear you past the water anyway. If you want to tell him something REALLY important and he NEEDS to remember it, don't nag him while he's busy. Make sure you are having an actual conversation with eye contact.

-Don't take everything personally. If he's stressed about work, it's not about you. If he's stressed about money, it's not about you. If he is struggling in the sack, it's probably still not about you. If he wants to do something aside from hanging out with you, it's not that he doesn't like/respect/find you important. There isn't a continuum of's all important. You, his hobbies, his job, his friends. Just like your life is important.

-DON'T fake an orgasm.

This is about all I can come up with at the moment...I was busy last night celebrating with my boyfriend about his new job so I'm freaking tired. ;) Above all, remember and APPRECIATE that he is a MAN and he is DIFFERENT from you. Enjoy his manliness!"

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