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1977SHAW SparkPoints: (4,001)
Fitness Minutes: (542)
Posts: 91
10/6/13 9:28 A

Sounds like a plan yeah

RJNICHOLS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,074)
Posts: 192
10/6/13 12:17 A

Such a good idea. I think I will do the same thing.

NACHTSKAI SparkPoints: (11,921)
Fitness Minutes: (4,131)
Posts: 536
9/17/13 6:33 A

I place a quarter or two in a coffee can every day. At the end of the month, I paln to go out and eat at the Lakeland Ale house for a healthy meal.

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (492,882)
Fitness Minutes: (334,134)
Posts: 43,423
9/16/13 10:48 P

Excellent idea!!!

9/7/13 2:12 P

I took a jar and set it on the counter. I started it today because I have been doing a little unplanned eating.. Now every time I only eat the food I put in my nutrition tracker for the day, no extras, I put a penny in it. At the end of the month, I will take 25 cents for each penny and buy me a treat. It isn't much but you can make it whatever you can afford, 50 cents, 1 dollar. I wanted to just take and put one dollar in there each day and take whatever there was at the end of the month but we can afford that for the next two months because of taxes. so maybe after that it will be a dollar a day. That is only 30 or 31 dollars but you can get a nice treat for that. make sure it is not food. Or you could save it up for a year and get an awesome treat. You can decorate it too. What ever you do It is a little incentive to eat within your range and a reminder to do so.

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