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5/31/13 9:31 A

hi! I did have a great time, and I ate an egg white scramble with a small pear before the party.
At the party, I ate chicken and two bites(Ok three) of mango souffle.
Fortunately, I did not get a bad 'eigh-in' I lost .7 lbs...too less, but way better than a + sign!!!

Thank you sooooo much

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5/30/13 11:16 A

I'm thinking through the same thing for tomorrow. Literally just got off the phone with a my friend who is getting married on Saturday and she invited me to the bridal luncheon tomorrow, in addition to the rehearsal dinner which I am already attending.

Here's the thing about special occasions: they are special and, in my life, they are not all that frequent. Now, every Friday night is NOT a special occasion. But for a wedding? Yes, I am going to both and will eat small portions of what is served. I will have some of the champagne toast. And that will be all the alcohol I drink. I will not binge, I will not overeat, and I will use the "two bite" rule if I decide to have some dessert.

And then Monday, when I get back from my weekend away and weigh in, I will face whatever the scale tells me and move on, figuring it is worth whatever temporary gain I may face to enjoy the weekend with my friends and celebrate this happy occasion.

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5/30/13 11:00 A

If you already have something planned/cooking for dinner at home, I would personallly eat before I go. Then you won't be starving and at the mercy of whatever they're serving. You'll be less likely to overeat, and can let yourself enjoy a little bit of your favorite things at the party. As for an explanation, I don't think there's anything wrong with the response, "Thank you, no. I ate just a little while ago. Great party though!"

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
5/30/13 9:47 A

I think that is a great idea, a fruit or veggie tray, and then just small portions of the healthiest things they have. (Or even everything, moderation is key after all) and you will be satisfied!!!

5/30/13 9:33 A

that seems to be a superb idea, I did offer to pitch in, but she insisted it is all 'them' today.
I guess they are too ecstatic.
I presume two items would be home-made and few would be ordered from outside(take-away)

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5/30/13 9:30 A

You need not tell anyone you are dieting...take a long a raw veggie tray with some dip or make a salad and bring it along...I don't know what they are having nor do you I assume, so a veggie tray is a nice way to say thanks for inviting us....or you can even say I thought I would pitch in a little....fill up on the veggies or salad and have small portions of whatever they are having....

Have fun!

5/30/13 9:14 A

Hey everyone! I have a small Q(help please)
My friends daughter passed her high school with flying colours and they are throwing a party tonight.
Its already 6:30pm here.
Iam not sure if I should 'eat' my dinner and go, or eat there itself?
Ofcourse there will be tempting snacks and food, but
a. How do I make sure noone notices me not eating?
b. As, I don't feel very comfortable talking about being on a diet, Iam not sure how to handle this situation.
I will appreciate your help!

ps-tomorrow is also my weigh-in day!

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