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5/7/12 4:58 P

Interesting observation.

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5/3/12 8:15 P

Because our brains are idiots. ;)

I've definitely noticed the same link between breakfast and the rest of my day. If I go to Waffle House or burger king for a high-calorie, low-nutrition breakfast, it's hard for the rest of the day to make the right choices and stay in my range. I've actually had to force myself to remember this a few times when I had cravings.

I think what happens is when we ignore our body's natural satiety mechanisms, we kinda short-circuit our willpower, too.

GORIANA Posts: 4,382
5/3/12 5:34 P

I've noticed that eating a healthy breakfast leads to a healthy lunch which leads to a healthy dinner which leads to being within my calorie range. However, if I let myself get too stuffed, then I want to stuff more in there. I feel like eating sweets and baked goods and toping that off with some creamy drink. Anyone have a similar experience?

Why should indulgence lead to more indulgence?

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