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12/21/12 8:06 A

There are exercises to tighten your abdominal muscles, but until the overlying fat is gone, no one will see the difference... and unfortunately you can't target fat loss... but if you keep at the program, eventually some of the fat lost will come from your abdominal. Sorry, wish I could be more positive... I'd love to lose mine too.

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12/20/12 2:24 P

I find what I eat helps my tummy shrink but I still have belly fat, I've only been back at it for a month hopefully someday. keep up the walking and keep sparking!

TANGO387 Posts: 5
12/20/12 1:30 P

Many,many thanks to each and everyone,its very encouraging and I enjoy your kind replies,
Keep up the good work!! Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!..........

12/20/12 12:19 P

Since I am a 75 year old male and a personal trainer I will share my thoughts. First all the advice you have been given concerning the priority of nutrition in you goal is spot on. Bodyweight strength training is an additional tool to achieve it. Increase your core strength and fitness with exercises such as planks in all its variations and pushups. As we grow older our muscle mass decreases but to a degree this is preventable and or reversible. Current research has indicated an increase in the muscular mass and strength of seniors. both male and female, as a result of strength training. Work within your abilities, monitor your nutrition and continue to walk and you will reap the benefits of not being sedentary.

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12/20/12 11:26 A

There is no exercise to flatten the belly. You need to up your cardio and do some strength training. Also monitor what you eat. You need to burn calories in order to lose fat.

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12/20/12 11:19 A

Do strength train. At an advanced age, the metabolism is at its lowest, and walking alone will not cut it. Start small, gradually increase the weight. You probably lost a ton of muscle if you did not strength train for a long time. Even if you can't get it all back due to caloric deficiency, you will boost your metabolism by strength training, I am not sure if you can do the same by just walking.

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12/20/12 9:49 A

Keep walking, but eat a healthy, balanced diet. You can't out-walk a poor diet.

TANGO387 Posts: 5
12/20/12 8:49 A

Many thanks,I'll keep on walking......... emoticon

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12/20/12 8:29 A

Nausikaa's right. There's not an exercise in the world that can target belly fat for burning. Fat loss is a total body process; and generally, the places we tend to hold it the most are the last to go. When you do strength exercises, your muscles take their energy from the bloodstream, not the surrounding fat stores.

If doing ab work was enough to reduce our belly fat, I'd have a six pack instead of a keg! (I do a lot of ab work. ;))

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
12/20/12 8:12 A


The way you lose belly fat is by losing fat all over, through good nutrition. Including exercise will boost your calorie burn and speed things along, but no exercise can "target" your belly area. Exercises that strengthen your abdominal muscles do just that -- strengthen your abdominal muscles -- but you can have the strongest abdominal muscles in the world and still have a pot belly on top. Exercises make you stronger but they do not direct your body to burn fat from a particular area.

Continue eating properly and walking. As your weight drops, your belly fat will start to go away too.

TANGO387 Posts: 5
12/20/12 8:01 A

belly pot......:)
I'm a 70 yrs old male,walking everyday,stretching routine at the beginning and end of the
walking session.Is there an excercise that will help me to flatten my belly?Thank you for
your time in replaying,tango.

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