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11/4/11 11:36 A


I love hearing the enthusiasm in your post!

Sheri-St. Louis, Missouri, USA
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11/4/11 10:06 A

That's fantastic! I've just started running myself in the last couple months, so I share your excitement!

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11/4/11 9:20 A

Thank you to all of you for the support and the congratulations! It means a lot to me to have the SparkPeople community behind me!

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11/4/11 9:12 A


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11/3/11 5:54 P

Fantastic! It is a real high. I hope you understand now that you can do everything you want. Go, girl, go!!!

Maggie from Auckland the City of Sails in New Zealand.

"Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, and move on." Henry Rollins.

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11/3/11 5:21 P

woo hoo way to go, i love sparkpeople!/gwledford
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11/3/11 1:48 P


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11/3/11 12:46 P


Don't ever let anyone else tell you who you can be

11/3/11 12:05 P

That is great!!! I hope to be in your shoes one day! Congratulations!!

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11/3/11 11:28 A

Huge accomplishment! I'm so happy for you. I can't imagine ever doing that but who knows? Hearing you and people like you make me think....maybe someday! I am jogging more and at a faster pace, but can't imagine yet doing what you're doing.
You are inspiring. Please tell us how the race went. Have a fantastic time and savor your victory.

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11/3/11 10:44 A


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11/3/11 10:03 A

Fantastic! emoticon

There are no problems….only solutions!!

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile. ~Author Unknown

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks. ~Charles Gordy

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. ~Mark Twain

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11/3/11 9:57 A

I have never been a runner and I've never really like running. Until now that is! When I first started SparkPeople about two months ago I found the Virtual 5K race page and decided to give it a try! What could it hurt? It would give me some motivation and a short term goal to work towards! I found a race in my area and my sister and I signed up. The actual race is next Saturday but I ran my own 5K today for the virtual race and got a time of 47 minutes and 25 seconds! AMAZING! I was originally running about 19 minute miles so I made it my goal to run the 5K under 50 minutes and I did it! This was my biggest WooHoo moment so far and I know I will feel great next Saturday when I cross that finish line with that number on my back. I will have finished a 5K race. I love SparkPeople!

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