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5/16/14 6:22 P

My wireless headphones can change tracks, forward or back and volume and I can even switch to FM radio.

Music & Chat
•Pause/play music – Tap the multi-function button
•Adjust speaker volume – Tap the volume up or volume down button
•Answer/end call* – Tap the multi-function button
•Reject call* – Press and hold (1 sec) the multi-function button
•Redial last number* – Double-tap the multi-function button
•Mute/un-mute microphone – Tap both volume up and volume down buttons at the same time
•Skip music tracks – Press and hold (1 sec) the volume up or volume down button
•FM radio – Tap the FM button to turn on, and then press (1 sec) the volume up or volume down button to seek the next available radio channel.

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5/9/14 5:00 P

Or just get a set of earbuds/headphones that have track controls:

The Kickstarter hasn't even gone to production yet.

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5/9/14 4:18 P

It can be such a pain to change tracks while my phone is in my arm band. I found this remote that can be worn on my wrist and lets me change tracks without having to take my phone off my arm:

It's waterproof too! I think it'd be useful for bicycling.

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