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11/4/13 8:05 A

Thanks, I went ahead and changed them to goals that I need to work on. I love your quote, read the Casteneda series when I was younger.


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11/3/13 7:50 A


You are welcome to do what ever you wish. If you would prefer to leave them alone, you can. If you prefer to update them to reflect goals that you may be motivated from, you can do that by going to MY TRACKERS and then OTHER GOALS page. You can add/remove any goal from there.

The most important thing is what will motivate you and keep you motivated and reaching for your healthy lifestyle goals.

Be well,

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11/3/13 6:24 A

First, I'd like to apologize for posting my questions in the motivation forum, it seems kind of off topic but I can't find a more appropriate place. Suggestions would be appreciated if there is a more suitable forum.

I was looking at my trophies this morning and realized I didn't have the Getting Started completed, I was clicking through the sections and #3 is "Reach your Fast Break goals." Do they mean physically reach the page or complete each one of those goals?

I was looking through the goals I had selected when I signed up and realize I have larger issue with goal setting in general. My choices were poorly thought out (watching a new exercise video each day when I already have a 10 hour/week program in place, choosing the "try a new recipe 1x/wk on a daily check off list). Can I change my goals to ones that are more suitable, or should I just stick with the ones I've already chosen and swap them out next weekend when my first 2 weeks are up.

Any suggestions on goal setting in general would be appreciated as well.

Thanks so much,

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