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A pound of butter

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Posts: 1,964
1/28/12 4:19 A

I love this visual!

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Posts: 4,239
1/28/12 12:30 A

Think about what we are trying to lose and what that would look like!

Posts: 2,937
1/28/12 12:28 A

I love this thread!
emoticon (cheese is the closest I could find to butter)

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 5,658
1/27/12 10:50 A

NOOREENBX read my last two blogs, it might be different for you!
I know it is awful some of the things that were done to us as kids! I remember very well!
Good luck!

Posts: 761
1/27/12 8:31 A

When I was about 8 my parents were upset with my weight. My Dad once brought home 5lbs. of beef fat and slammed it on the table so I could see what fat looked like. It was supposed to make me lose weight. It didn't work.

I guess doing it for an adult is different. However, bc of that memory I don't think it would work for me.

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Posts: 5,658
1/27/12 8:15 A

Please feel free to visit my SPARKPAGE, I have blogs about this very enlightenment!

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Posts: 35
1/27/12 7:54 A

Going to keep that in mind the next time I don't feel like working out!

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Fitness Minutes: (984)
Posts: 31
1/27/12 7:42 A

Wow...people here on Sparkpeople must be able to read my mind! Yesterday I had decided that for every pound I lose, I would post a picture of a pound of butter on my Spark page and it turns out lots of people already do things like that!

I do think it's a great way to visualize the weight we all are working so hard to lose. I look forward to many pictures of butter on my page!

SparkPoints: (209,250)
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Posts: 11,474
1/27/12 6:30 A

When you lose 10 try carrying around a 10 lb bag of potatoes all day and see how heavy it feels.

SparkPoints: (37,984)
Fitness Minutes: (34,902)
Posts: 2,050
1/27/12 6:24 A

About 2 years ago I had lost 30 pounds. I had asked my friends to save their butter boxes when they were done with them and give them to me. Every time I lost a pound in my weight loss journey, I put an empty box of butter on my desk. They just kept stacking up - and it was so motivating to see the equivalent of fat that had dropped from my body!

SparkPoints: (3,153)
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Posts: 325
1/27/12 4:31 A

I once read a chart that said:

I was carrying two microwaves around all day.

SparkPoints: (2,035)
Fitness Minutes: (460)
Posts: 255
1/27/12 4:05 A

It's amazing how visuals help to keep us motivated!!

Posts: 2,937
1/27/12 3:26 A

My friend & I went to the grocery store when I had lost 22 lbs. I loaded up 22 x 1 lb blocks of butter in my arms & she took a picture. That was a great visual for me. Unfortunately, my dog stepped on the photo with wet feet & the ink ran all over, so you can't even tell it's me anymore. I still have the memory though & I am so glad to have such a great, supportive best friend.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Good luck my friends!

SparkPoints: (59,057)
Fitness Minutes: (53,448)
Posts: 3,001
1/26/12 11:54 P

This got me thinking about when Oprah came out with a wheelbarrow full of fat to symbolize the 67 pounds she had lost some years ago. Remember that? Ew. But yes, the visuals definitely help to keep me motivated as well. We can do it!

Posts: 4,095
1/26/12 11:16 P

Wow, that image will definitely get you off the couch and moving, that's for sure.

SparkPoints: (3,338)
Fitness Minutes: (1,795)
Posts: 37
1/26/12 10:27 P

I once heard that to look at pound of butter gives you an idea of what it looks like to lose a pound of fat; although I sometimes get frustrated with the process,I understand that it takes time to lose that much fat while at the same time sculpting the body and seemingly gaining weight ( building muscle)which is the problem with the scale but ultimately achieving the goal of a healthy energetic body from the inside out is the reward of consistent hard work. The good part about Spark is that it makes the hard work enjoyable.
Enjoying the journey emoticon

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