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I know it's frustrating not to see a change in the scale when you're working on weight loss, but it will take time, and the losses won't be regular. There are a lot of factors that can affect what the scale says. One the most common is water retention (due to, e.g., TOM, sodium in your food, a sudden increase in intense exercise, etc.) Your pattern of weight loss (and non-weight loss) is very common.

I'll give you an example using TOM-related water weight gain/loss. Like you, I started trying to lose weight on Jan 1 two years ago. On that date, my weight was probably at its peak, after some Christmas eating (high sodium) and also because it was my TOM (which usually adds 3-4 pounds). So, one week later, I weighed myself and I had a 6 pound loss. "Hoorah!", I thought. I lost weight the following week, too (about 2 pounds). The third week, I stepped on the scale mid-week and saw a half pound loss, but by the end of the week I was stable at the weight I'd been the previous week. (I had increased the intensity of my workouts suddenly by adding some strength training.) I was also at the same weight half a week later, and then I gained 3 pounds at the end of the fourth week, even though I was eating really carefully and exercising. TOM time again. I held on to those d#!n pounds for 9 days! And then I lost 5 (i.e. the 3 pounds of TOM-masking water weight plus 2 pounds of what was probably real weight loss masked by TOM, as of the end of week 5. Then the cycle started again with a pretty good weight loss the following week (2 pounds), little to no weight loss in week 7 (.5 pound), and a weight gain of about 2-3 pounds just before TOM. But ultimately the trend was down and I lost 30 pounds in about 16 weeks.

Have you taken your measurements? The change in body measurements is slower, but it's a much more reliable indicator of progress. It might take you 5-8 weeks to see a difference at first, but then you'll probably see changes every 3-4 weeks.

When the God of the Scale is not showing you any love, it helps to focus on behavioral goals, instead of scale goals. Track your consistency in the new behaviors you've adopted (drinking water, eating within calorie range, getting your nutrients, regular exercise) and reward yourself for progress in doing these things consistently - that will see you through the plateaus, and if your healthy behavior becomes consistent, eventually you'll see results in body measurements and weight.

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Ok, so like a lot of other people, I started my current weight loss plan on January 1st. The first week a lot of water weight came off--9 pounds! Then, after a lot of emotional stuff all within a few days, I was up 3 pounds. That was 3 weeks ago, and I haven't lost a pound since then! I've been doing great on my diet, working out, but I see no results--it's getting very frustrating, and I almost want to give up. What am I doing wrong? How to I escape this plateau?

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