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1/31/13 6:02 P

good info Unident...............

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/31/13 4:51 P

Nope. :)

See, sometimes, the result of doing the right thing is a temporary weight gain that disappears before you start losing. Someone who takes immediate results as a guide to whether it works or not might think "That didn't work - I gained!" and not stick with it long enough, where it would have worked for them if they had.

Of course, if you gain a pound the first week, 2 the second, 4 pounds the third, then you're on a pattern and yeah I'd start to think about not carrying on. Temporary weight gain tends to be minimal and somewhat immediate-then-static, eg 2-5lb gain in the first week or two that doesn't go away for the next 3-4 weeks, rather than consistent gains every week.

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1/31/13 3:51 P

I guess there is no "giddying up the process" is there... 8 weeks it is emoticon

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/31/13 3:07 P

February AND March. It's always a good idea to give any changes 6-8 weeks to make their effects. Four weeks simply isn't long enough.

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1/31/13 3:00 P

FINALLY fixed the ticker emoticon

I've decided to follow the SP calorie recommendation and see what happens in the month of February weight loss wise. If it slows down or stalls I'll try the FitBit recommendation thereafter.


BARBANAL Posts: 4,557
1/31/13 1:47 P

Thanks, I'll do that. Sounds interesting and maybe helpful.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/31/13 1:41 P

NEWMETODAY2012 if you put 'fitbit' into Google you'll find out all about it. It's a gadget that you wear 24/7 and it tells you how many calories you burned today.

BARBANAL Posts: 4,557
1/31/13 1:34 P

What's fitbit ?

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/31/13 1:21 P

Well now your ticker says you're 54kg! (118lbs)

Since you are neither 118kg nor 118lbs, what is up with your ticker?

How long have you been trying to eat Spark's ranges? What has been your results?

I would suggest the 1670 is a tad low. If you're feeling hungry, by all means take the fitbit figures instead. Try whatever you do for 8 weeks and then see if it's working - one week is never enough.

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1/31/13 5:54 A

Thanks for your response Deb and my apologies for not responding until now... I just checked this post of mine this morning to see if there were anymore comments and was delighted to see you had taken the time to share your thoughts emoticon

I'm currently 262 lbs and my ideal weight should be approx. 175 lbs (higher end of the scale) I'm 5' 11" large frame so it's an ideal number in my mind... maybe even 180 Heck, I'd be delighted at 200!!! lol

I got a FIT BIT a few months ago and have been getting 10,000 steps in a day on avg and hitting the gym 3X week for weight training (30 min avg sessions) I recently upped my steps to 15,000 per day

So SP suggests 1670 a day, top range calorie wise. FitBit site on the other hand, will take all of my 'current' activity into consideration and adjust calories. Take yesterday for example, I got 20,000 steps in and went to the gym to do the weights and my caloric range was 2450 (approx)

All I know is that I want to lose that 2lbs a week (if not a little more ;-)) but worry that I'm messing things up because I don't fully understand the 'chemistry' of it all. emoticon

Thanks again for sharing!


UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/24/13 1:42 P

You might not have something set right on FitBit.

Your ticker says you're 118kg (260lbs). But since you're showing daily total burns in the high teens, maybe low 2000's, and Spark says only 1670 a day, I'm guessing that's the ticker display issue and you're 118 pounds. Is that right?

So if so, here's how to fix your ticker:

Now, as to that 2lb/week aggressive goal, if you really are 118 kg that's fine. :) If you're 118 pounds then that's simply impossible. The less there is to lose the slower it goes. Are you still trying to lose? How much?

Safe and healthy weight loss is about 3% of what you have to lose weekly. So if you're trying to lose 10lbs, that's about one third of a pound a week.

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1/24/13 10:09 A

Thanks for your help! Not so confused anymore emoticon

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
1/23/13 8:30 A

sounds like your calories burned goal for spark is off. go to your start page. on the left hand side you will see goals and under that calories burned. click on the change link. then make sure that your calories burned for the week are accurate to what you are actually doing. then save it and my guess is that your ranges will bump up a little. keep in mind that spark works by taking the total calories burned per week, dividing by seven and adding that to your base ranges. fitbit works by adding your exercise calories to that day. so your nonworkout day fitbit numbers should be running a little lower than spark's but the higher workout days should be a little over. erm. let me explain that with numbers. let's say spark has you eating 1500- 1750 cals with your calories burned number accurate. your workout fibit days might show 1850 or 1950, but your off days might be 1450 and 1550. so the fitbit essentially averages in to your spark ranges.

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1/23/13 8:17 A

Finding one's optimum intake is a bit of an art. Too large of a deficit and you sacrifice lean mass, too small of a deficit and your rate of loss is too slow.

To me the difference between 1670 and 1722 isn't much. My question to you is, what has your range been the last several weeks and assuming you have not substantially increased your activity level, has the rate of weight loss been what you expected?

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1/23/13 7:00 A

O.k. so my calories recommended on SP is 1320-1670 per day (5'11, 48yrs, Female, weight lift 3X per week and do 1 hour of cardio 5-6 days per week)

I wear a FitBit One and the FitBit site syncs with SP... their recommendation is 1722 calories per day. This is for an aggressive goal of weight loss at 2lbs per week on average.

When I finish my days worth of 'activities' my calories on FitBit will adjust to a little over 2000 calories per day.

So I'm confused... as to whether or not I should be sticking to 1670 at the top of my caloric range with SP or... eat the amount of calories FitBit suggest when it takes into account what I've done that day activity wise.

I know... it probably seems so simple doesn't it, but I just can't wrap my head around it AND i really do want to be losing the weight, not maintaining it.

I would appreciate your thoughts...



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