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3/11/13 12:04 P

I just got a pair of Brooks running shoes. After looking on several websites, I found that you can get "last season's" shoes for a pretty good price. Hunt around. You might a good deal. But as was said earlier, your best bet is to get fitted for a shoe that suits your foot.

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3/11/13 11:19 A

I found Denali shoes for hiking, they're great, and cheap.

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3/11/13 3:54 A

Ask for (or look online) shoes in the category called "trail runners." These are appropriate to the conditions you describe. Regular running shoes are not.

I love Vasque brand but there are many different brands and they range in price from cheap to expensive.

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3/10/13 3:08 P

unfortunately I live in a mountain area and the closest specialty store is like 45 miles away.

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3/10/13 3:05 P

Your best bet is to visit a specialty running/walking store where you can be properly fitted for the right shoe for you. The shoe that's best for one person isn't necessarily best for another.

Coach Jen

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3/10/13 2:34 P

thank you I will google those and see what I can find out for what I should be using.

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3/10/13 2:19 P

You can purchase insoles that will make any shoe safer and last longer for exercise. The shoe is important but what adds wear and tear to your body is impact. You body takes 2-3 times your weight when you walk and even more when you run. I you have a good low end running shoe they will work but won't last very long. Kohl's sell good running shoes for less. I love Nike, Asics and New Balance but you need to determine if you are a supinator, neutral or pronator. Just google these and read the test for each. You can tell from the sole of your shoes. If they are worn on the outer side of the shoe you are a supinator or the inner side you may be a pronator. When you find a shoe make sure they are maade for stability to tolerate one or the other.

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3/10/13 2:03 P

Does anyone know of an inexpensive shoe that will be good for walking? I live in the mountains so I need to find something good for walking our local lake trail. its all dirt and very hilly

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