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12/2/12 9:38 P

I agree with what the others have said. It is true too that you do have to be on point with your eating. You can't out train a bad diet. all the workouts in the world won't fix a bad diet. If you eat too little your body will hold onto the fat you already have.

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That's pretty much it; what the other two posters stated. The closer you get to your goal weight the smaller of a calorie deficit you are able to create. A person who starts losing weight in their obese BMI may expect to lose 2-3 lbs/week. A person in their overweight BMI 1-2 lbs/week and a person in their healthy BMI 1/2-1 lbs/week, generally speaking of course.

I lost 2-3 lbs my first 2 months and reached my healthy BMI relatively quickly. Once I got to my my healthy BMI it was 1-2 lbs/week. Now I am in the middle of my healthy BMI and I've slowed down to 1/2-1 lbs/week.

Edit: I'm curious too. I peaked at your nutrition tracker and saw most days you are well under 1000 cals. Is this because you're not tracking certain meals or are you really eating that low? Either could be a possible reason you're experiencing a slow loss. I would take a good hard look at your diet because diet is 80% of weight loss. Maybe compare it to other members' nutrition trackers who have experienced success and see what you can do to improve your diet.

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I agree with Papamikie - it is a better way to think of it as weight loss slowing down as you approach your goal weight.

Someone with 80 lbs to lose may well lose at 2 lbs per week, but as they continue to lose weight and get down to 20 lbs to lose, they are likely to see that rate of weight loss slow down considerably.

Also, it is a common response to exercise for your lean mass to increase. This can lead to a slower change in the scale, even as you are burning fat. Often the tape is a better means of tracking your progress than the scale.


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To be clear on the how much to loss and weight loss. It is as we get closer to our target goal we will be loosing less. when I weight close to 250 pounds I burned more calories for running a km than when I weighed 160. I was not carying 90 pounds which both caused me to work more and also required calories to feed it. When I started my goal I had two other people I know who also lost about 90 pounds so between us we lost about 270 pounds (1 overweight person) That 270 pounds had previously burned calories each day.

So as you get closer to your target you carry less weight and so it is less work to do the same workout. Also your at rest calorie demand is less as each pound we have requires some calories to feed it while the body is at rest.

Good running and be Careful out there

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12/2/12 4:25 A

Hi. I did some research on 'Google and I learnt some things. But--I just wanted to discuss about it.

I read that the less weight you have to lose, the longer it WILL take,. Is that true.

I have to lose 22 pounds for now (But I'm interested to lose almost 30 pounds)
The thing is my weight-loss has been amazingly SLOW emoticon

I started in March and to this day I have lost just 8-10 pounds. And, I admit July/august I did not stay much on track.
Since September I have been very active and disciplined and finally lost one...ONE kilo ( 2.2 pounds)
And--that's it. emoticon

So--coming back to what I read, it states that if you have less weight to lose it takes longer.
So, if I had 100 pounds to lose would my weight loss be faster? ??? emoticon
What can I expect?



I have seen that treadmill does NOT suite me. In September I did just treadmill for 60 mins a day. No loss! emoticon
And, when I started WATP I saw a small loss! emoticon
So--is it possible to do WATP daily? I could alternate between 4/5/3 miles respectively.

Thank-you emoticon

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