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EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
2/10/12 11:44 P

I thought it was the opposite, Marilyn Monroe would be considered overweight by today's standards. Our celebrities today are unbelievably small!

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2/10/12 10:30 P

Look at the working class alot more men had wow bodies from heavy labour jobs.. Society and what it thinks is okay today has gone to hell.. People can have their cheat meals- they only cheating themselfs.. Todays social and eating trends are breeding a race of weaklings.. We may go ourselfs dead as dodo's because of food greed and the right to decide this..
Moderation is not cheat meals, it is just now and again more heatlhy food lol.. Been doing this journey almost a decade- when doing this long every cheat meal does count, the body gets wise to crap choices..

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MARIJO150 Posts: 340
2/10/12 10:28 P

You are all very right. People in the 60's also didn't have hundreds of TV channels and computer games and online options that are keeping us sedentary. Plus I really believe that we eat alot more calories per day than people did in the 50's and 60's.

CSROBERTSON621 SparkPoints: (153,532)
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2/10/12 10:19 P

Just getting a giggle that you got a "dose of reality" out of an Elvis movie! emoticon

Seriously though, things have changed a LOT. I have gotten myself down to today's size 2 or 4, but when I went to try on my mother's size 8's from the early 1960s (she still has some of her gorgeous dresses from that era), I don't even come CLOSE to being able to zip them! Now, some of that is because she is about 5'2" with a small frame, and I am 5'7" with a (marginally) larger frame -- but it was still kind of an eye-opener. (For both of us -- she said she was always telling herself she's only a couple of sizes larger than she was back then... but that's only becaue the sizes have changed so much!) And Mom says she wasn't remarkably small then -- while people seem to think I am on the small side now.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/10/12 9:48 P

so true. And did you see anyone in the movie at mcdonalds eating? I think not. Did they have an active life? I think so.

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
2/10/12 9:43 P

Wow, was I suprised. I was watching an old Elvis movie last night on Netflix streaming and couldn't believe how thin everyone looked. I know this is the movies and you would expect that, but this movie was made in 1961 and our food was WAY different back then. You could really see this from the movie. I think I saw one obese person in this movie or one that would even be close to labeling as obese.

I think it's really time that we take a hard look at what we eat and make the necessary changes for ourselves and our families so that we are here in the future.

I just found that to be such a wake up call. It sadens me that this is what we have become and doesn't look like it's getting much better.

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