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7/9/12 8:32 A

We just got back from an amusement park vacation. I didn't exercise in the mornings (no fitness room at the hotel, and I knew I'd be on my feet all day long), but I didn't track the walking. But we did a lot. In 100 + degree heat, often while pushing a 3 year old in the stroller! I also wore my workout shoes, not my normal tennis shoes I use for regular day to day stuff. I think that helped.

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7/9/12 8:28 A

I am taking the kids to an amusement park today. We will spend the day walking and waiting. My goal is first to avoid eating too much junk. We are packing in lunch.

I know my feet hurt after a day there. So this time I am am going to track my distance throughout the day. Has anyone ever estimated how many calories a day at the amusement park might burn?

off to have fun...


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