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Right before I came back to SP, I would tell people that I was comfortable being overweight. I too said that I liked women who were curvy...even heavy. I would say that I had earned the right to be bigger. I liked being able to relax and not worry about losing the weight and struggling with my eating disorder mentality.

But I felt like crap. Everything ached. I was having a hard time sleeping and breathing. So, I said that I wanted to "get fit."

After losing the first ten pounds...I realized that I had been lying to myself and to my friends. I wasn't happy being bigger. I was hiding. I felt safe with that padding. It kept me from going out and doing things...and it kept people away.

I'm not saying you're doing that. I just figured I better mention my experience, since your words sounds so much like mine three months ago.

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5/5/13 7:40 P

Well said!

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5/5/13 6:09 P

You know, you could always set up Spark to maintain, or loose a nominal amount of weight. Say, 10lbs in 1 year. Set your exercise goal and it will give you a range to fall into for calories. If you find you loose weight too quickly, you can always adjust by eating more. Then make sure you get a good balance of fitness- both cardio for endurance and strength training for your butt/shape.

If you do this, make a point of eating as healthy as possible- I doubt I have to explain what I mean, basically just follow the spark guidelines for fruits and veggies, and eat lean meats and whole grains.

See how that works for you. Remember, if it doesn't work, you can always change the plan.

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The effort you invest in your health now, will serve you the rest of your life not to mention lessening the chances of developing obesity related diseases. While there is not ironclad guarantee of where you will lose first, I have seen compelling evidence that what you eat can help reduce midsection fat. Deleting sugars and junk food would be my first recommendations.
Eating clean whole unprocessed food would be a priority too. Personally I see food as medicine that either helps or harms our wellness. Of course you want to move around easily and exercising regularly will build stamina and strength quickly when you are consistent. Whether you really want to lose weight or not, eating healthier and exercising will enhance your wellness...and quality of life.
Congratulation on you marriage!

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5/5/13 2:03 P

While it's refreshing that you love your body image I believe your health is more important.

And remember you can lose weight and work those glutes!

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5/5/13 1:52 P

So last time i was here, i was at around 175. now im just shy of 200. I moved into a new city, started college, and got hitched. And now i find myself in a strange mentality. I kinda dont wana lose the weight. At least, not all of it.
By the BMI im technically obese at this point, but im more comfterable in my own skin now. ive always liked bigger girls so, despite being a guy, maybe that like has been internalized. Another reason i dont wana lose weight is how im figured now. I have always had a rather large behind but now its even more so, and im really liking it. So does the wife in fact. Im afraid that if i lose weight ill lose that too.
More than losing weight, i just wana feel healthy again. If i didnt lose a pound but i could run a mile without looking and feeling like i just ran a marathon that would be good. if i could shed the gut but keep the but, that would be even better.

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