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I am doing a little Spark Coach homework here today and sharing my recipe for a low calorie Sangria. My summer is filled with social events like barbeques, pool parties and even a luau. I found that I wanted to treat myself to an adult beverage now and then, but I did not have the calories to spare. So this is my slimmed down version of a sangria.

In 1.5 liter carafe or 2 quart pitcher, add 2 cups of Minute Maid 15 calorie Fruit Punch, 1/2 cup of a soft red wine, and fill the remainder of the pitcher with zero calorie lemon lime soda (about 3.5 cups). Add a couple orange slices squeezing a little juice into the punch when you add it and pinch of cinnamon. Stir well and chill for about a hour to allow the flavors to mingle.

You should have about 48 oz. of Sangria. The red wine that I use has 21 calories per ounce, which is average for wine. Some wines do have more. The entire drink contains about 114* calories or about 19 calories per 6 oz. glass. I make a nice white sangria with 1 c- 15 calorie peach juice, 1 c-15 calorie lemonade, zero calorie Lemon lime soda and frozen white grapes, too. Play with it and make your own recipe. You can increase the wine up to a cup and still have a 6 oz. serving for about 33 calories*.

I hope you enjoy!
*I did not add the calories from the fruit to my calculations.

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