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A Teeny Tiny Victory

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12/2/10 2:37 A

Sending you a big high five! Seeing your own progress is a big huge victory.....way to go and thanks for inspiring us all!

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12/2/10 2:31 A


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12/2/10 2:30 A

No such thing...all victories are HUGE...especially a positive, healthy one...congrats to you!!

Posts: 4
12/2/10 2:30 A

I am so proud of you! Thank you for sharing this Victory with us. Each teeny tiny victory makes up the bigger victory.


Melody Campbell

Posts: 3
12/2/10 2:25 A

Its been so long I haven't posted anything, but after reading ur teeny tiny ad it gave me a come back boost. That message was meant for my view because for the past few nights I've been going to sleep with a bad chest pain like heartburn it must be the food that I didn't took time eating. Next time I will remember this remedy

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12/2/10 2:24 A

Wow, was just browsing through the comments. My first time responding etc. It's great to know that even strangers are 100% behind you.
Great stuff people. Keep it coming. Will be sure to check it out now
God bless

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12/2/10 2:23 A

It's the small steps that lead us to the huge victories in the end. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

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12/2/10 2:23 A

Dear Tiny,
Congratulations on you " Aha Moment"! They are gift to treasure and can certainly be life changing - imagine that feeling after you determined you were full happening the rest of your life. As a lifetime member of WW, having lost 70# in 2002, I know what a great feeling is to learn something new.

Keep truck'n along, one day at a time ;-)


Posts: 34,097
12/2/10 2:21 A

Good for you. You are learning what your body really needs. This is a HUGE step, not a teeny tiny one. I am proud of you. Keep up the great work. By thinking along those lines, you will soon reach your goal. Every step in the right direction is a good step. Keep up the great work. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


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Posts: 2
12/2/10 2:20 A

Wow, that is awesome. And so encouraging for me, I usually go to the fridge and if there is nothing there get a biscuit or something....
Thank you for the motivation.

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12/2/10 2:18 A

One trick I have found is to eat slowly, just like you did. I get to enjoy the taste of the food and my body tells me when I have enough.

Posts: 3
12/2/10 2:13 A

congrats all it takes is a little a time and it will all work out. Little by little :)

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12/2/10 2:11 A

Yes just go on & on

Posts: 2
12/2/10 2:10 A

I'm a chinese girl,through this web ,i have lost weight successfully.

Posts: 2
12/2/10 2:06 A

keep going,the victory is not far away from you

Posts: 1
12/2/10 2:03 A

Nope---that's a BIG HUGE victory, if you ask me!

It's behavior changes like this that lead to the results on the scale, and that mean you're able to keep the weight off in the long term. It also means that you're loving yourself and respecting what your body wants rather than eating for emotional reasons or due to external cues. Honestly, it doesn't get much better than this. Keep it up!

p.s.---Is that a sweetheart of an African Grey that you're kissing in your photo?

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12/2/10 2:01 A

You should be very proud!

Posts: 2,779
12/2/10 1:53 A

Keep going... emoticon

Posts: 8
12/2/10 1:48 A

Just wanted to say congratulations. I have just moved to a new city and my stuff is in a container on its way here and I know I am using that as an excuse to just eat what I please, so it is nice to be inspired. Thanks emoticon

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Posts: 383
12/2/10 1:45 A

That is fantastic and very helpful also! Keep up the great job!

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12/2/10 1:43 A

Good going! Mind over stomach emoticon

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12/2/10 1:41 A


Posts: 716
12/2/10 1:41 A

Good for you! That's awesome. It's something I struggle with alot.

Posts: 57
12/2/10 1:39 A

That is awesome!

Posts: 5
12/2/10 1:38 A

Thanks a lot, this is really motivating.

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Posts: 4
12/2/10 1:34 A

That's a huge victory proud of u sure its a step to more accomplishments God Bless

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12/2/10 1:30 A

That is NOT a small victory. Becoming aware of any routines like the pace of eating is HUGE!!! It changes everything. Great job!

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Posts: 1
12/2/10 1:28 A

great job keep up the hard work

Posts: 4
12/2/10 1:23 A

This is so awesome! way 2 go! u should celebrate all the changes no matter how big or small their changes!they ultimately lead us to our success! emoticon

Posts: 678
12/2/10 1:21 A

It is a very inspiring victory to me.

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12/2/10 1:15 A

I'd say it was bigger than 'teeny tiny'. Well done! emoticon
Eating too fast is a huge fault of mine. My husband eats very, very slowly and I am a woofer. I hadn't really thought about it much, but your post given me something to work on, thanks.

Whatever your goals and dreams may be,
May each become reality!

Posts: 10
12/2/10 1:14 A

That's great! And you're right. Any victory is worth celebrating!!

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Posts: 4
12/2/10 1:13 A

Congratulations! Actually to me, this sounds like a big step forwrd. I know that most of my bad eating habits is sheer mindlessness.Being present in the moment is a huge accomplishment!

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Posts: 1
12/2/10 1:08 A

Well done, It is so hard to do. I hate when i come in from work starving, i too have tried to stop eating the quickest option.

Posts: 3,122
12/2/10 1:07 A

Keep up the good work.

Posts: 3,524
12/2/10 1:06 A

good job
keep it up
you can do it
you will do it!!!

Posts: 1,384
12/2/10 1:04 A

Great job! You're moving in the right direction! Congrats!

Posts: 1,246
12/2/10 1:01 A

Every win is a win!

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Posts: 9
12/2/10 12:59 A

Keep up the good work emoticon

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Posts: 111
12/2/10 12:45 A

Good for you. Keep up the good work!


Posts: 1,294
12/2/10 12:43 A

congratulations! It's a BIG victory!!

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Posts: 1
12/2/10 12:36 A

job well done. Listening to that inner voice can bring amazing results. Keep up the good work.

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Posts: 208
11/19/10 10:03 A

thank you for sharing this BIG VICTORY!

Posts: 1,764
11/19/10 9:59 A

A victory is a victory! Way to go!!!

Posts: 4,405
11/19/10 8:52 A

Good for you!

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Posts: 166
11/18/10 3:42 P

I'm so proud of you - great job!


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Posts: 858
11/18/10 2:54 P


Posts: 2,783
11/18/10 2:51 P

Keep up the great work! emoticon

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Posts: 257
11/18/10 2:27 P

emoticon that is a BIG victory to be able to slow down so your body can tell you it is enough before you eat too much. GREAT JOB and keep it up.

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Posts: 37
11/18/10 2:02 P

I know it's not much, but any victory is worth celebrating and I feel way too proud of myself LOL

Today I was STARVING when I got home from work, but I wanted to try something new. So I poached some eggs to go with some fresh baked whole wheat toast. Now, usually when I get home and I'm this hungry, my food is gone in a matter of seconds. But today, I forced myself to slow down and enjoy my food.

And, for once my stomach and my brain had time to talk and tell me that half of it was enough. Usually I just get through the whole plate, then feel sick from eating too much. But not today! Just feel happily full!

Like I said: not a huge victory, but a huge step for me!

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