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1/12/13 11:14 A

When I'm stuck on a long lay over I spend a lot of time walking around the airport. It's fun to window shop and people watch. When I'm not walking I'm reading magazines, newspapers, books.

1/12/13 10:30 A

Thanks, Badmama! Love your idea... :)

BADDMAMA Posts: 32
1/12/13 10:16 A

Pack a healthy high protein snack so you can eat it before you go into the lounge. It won't help you avoid the other types of eating, but if you go in feeling truly hungry it would b almost impossible to resist. Also, since you are going to be there for 9 hours you are likely going to need a meal. Plan the best you can in advance for that meal. Allow yourself once plate and possibly a dessert if your calories allow it for the day. Sit as far away from the buffet as possible, not in direct site (or do the walking thing sounds great!) But once it is time to eat, take q look @ everything on the buffet first b4 just digging in. Then, go back to your seat and log into SP what you have chosen b4 you put it on your plate. By promising yourself to record first, you may not be quite as tempted.

1/12/13 9:42 A

Having something to do is nice...except I do get bored after a while (so many times one can read a book, after all)

Yeah, it's going to be a travelling lounge and I'll be a guest; walking around seems like a good idea... might help prevent me from making an example of the cookie monster X)

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1/12/13 9:37 A

By having something else to do?

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
1/12/13 9:32 A

why do you have to be in a buffet room for 9 hours? are you serving? if so, don't eat the guests' food. if you're a guest, there is plenty of time in 9 hours to become an airport walker [think mallwalker, but in an airport]. try to make sure you do one complete circuit of the airport every hour. try to hit the bathroom once every hour and go to a farther bathroom each time [or a closer one might be more prudent so that you don't miss your flight, which would mean starting at the farthest bathroom from where you are supposed to be]. try to visit the stores in the airport to see what they are offering. make yourself an airport bingo type game that you play every hour [find a traveler with a red tassel, a certain sports sweatshirt, blue converse, a fancy hat, etc] or as part of the time to get out and walk.

1/12/13 9:12 A

Hi, guys... so, here's the thing:

I am travelling internationally; waiting plus flight time... 36 hours. And I will be in a buffet room for nine of those hours in the airport while waiting for a flight. Now, I am a VERY enthusiastic foodie, I tend to eat when bored, happy, hungry, not hungry,.. etc.

Any ideas on how to stop this madness???

Thanks! :)

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