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4/12/13 5:01 P

Dear L , You are the most beautiful daughter a mom could ask for. You are a wonderful wife and mother now, along with daughter and big sister. I am going to miss you so very much when you move 3 hours away. I love your husband, my SIL as well. I am so happy he is going to live his dream and go to the grad school he always dreamt of as a little boy and how you sre standing by him even if it means a tough two years finacially. You guys are not moving until late July early August but already I tear up over it. Thank you and D, and most of all God for the healthy baby you brought into this world. You both are great parents with a very promising future. I love you very much!

Dear B- You are the most beauitful daughter a mom could ask for. I am very proud of you as you are getting ready to graduate high school and have your college classes in place and ready to go. I am very confident in you doing very well in college to become a teacher like you want. Thank you for the gifts the other day, I look a them when I get sad and it makes me smile. I love you very much! I am so excited to see you soread youw wings but I'm a mom so I am worried too so please be patient with me.

Dear D- I could not ask for a better SIL you are a great husband , father., and SIL You are very well mannered ,and very educated and hard working. I am so very happy that you got accepted to the grad college you always dreamt of. Whoo hoo! I love you very much!

My Lil Bug- I love you so very much, you are Grandma's Little Bug and Grandpa's big boy. I am goign to miss you so much when you move, but we will see you as often as possible. Don't grow too fast sweetie. I will skypewith you, mail you letters and gifts, talk to on the phone, see you on facebook and any other way I can see, hear, or hold you. You always make me smile ,you are a funny character and you are batman! Love you Buggy!!!!

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
4/11/13 4:42 P

To all the pretty little girls who seem to get everything they want because of their outer beauty: God help you when your b--bs and your butt start sagging, cause you're gonna wish you had an education. BAM!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,458
4/11/13 3:19 P

Dear J,
I know that you thought you scored by dumping me and marrying the woman that you are currently married too. I guess by now you have realized that you are married to a conniving controlling *****. To bad so sad, I never would have treated you that way. I would have trusted you enough to let you have female friends on Facebook. I would not have made you unfriend them. Oh and BTW I have come to the realization that you were just a loser anyway. So have a happy life with your loser wife, you are two peas in a pod and deserve each other.

The Super Hot Girl that is nothing like the hag that you married and realized you are just trash anyway.

4/11/13 2:54 P

Dear Trish: You were my bestest buddy in 10th grade for just a short time (9 months) until you dropped me, so you could date a popular boy who ran with a different crowd....then when I see you 23 years later, you hug me and tell me that you always considered me your best friend....we are friends on FB you never acknowledge me, even when I message you....I am un-friending you. My friendship obviously means nothing to you.

Dear Eleni: You and I were best buds from 6th - 12th grade, and some beyond. For some unknown reason, you also dropped me 7 years ago right after you got married for the 3rd time. We have always been there for each other.....what happened?

I miss my girlfriends from high school. When I make a friend, I consider them a friend for life. But I can't keep friendships going if they are only one-sided.


Missy (A Friend For Life)

4/11/13 2:36 P

To Todd Hailey (offensive co-ordinator of the Steelers),
Go away.
Thanks, me (disgruntled Stiller fan)

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4/11/13 2:26 P

To any of my siblings whom are fed up with Mom:

Please be patient while we try to find out what is going on. None of us are doctors so we can't diagnose a thing and speculation only leads to more problems. We all worry about both of them, but we need to work together, remain calm, and continue to love (though at times I know its been hard to do this.) Also remember it may be nothing that can be changed and it may just be who she is at this stage in her life. Are you willing to accept that this may be a possibility?

Your Youngest Sister

ZIGGY122 Posts: 2,198
4/11/13 2:12 P

To my Nephew,
I love you very much, will be praying for God to help you through your painful time with your treatment for the Cancer that has returned.

4/11/13 1:55 P

Dear Leslie -- I mean just To Leslie: I'm so glad that you lived with all those years of guilt, since high school, after betraying a friendship that could have lasted a lifetime. I'm willing to forgive, but I will never forget the nasty, vengeful deed you pulled on me!

To Jenna at work: I apologize profusely for making fun of you in front of others. I totally regretted doing that and was very embarrassed when you caught me. I've always thought you were a great lady, but just couldn't help myself on that day. I hope you forgive me.

To Asbestos Companies: You Suck!

To The State of Oregon: I love you and hope to see you soon again! Save those huckleberries and a few cans of smoked salmon for me.

To My Daughters: Please take care of yourselves! Life is short. Don't live like you are trying to make it shorter! And finish school already!

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
4/11/13 1:04 P

Having a great time....glad you're not here.

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4/11/13 12:45 P

To my favorite cousin. You were the entire family's favorite cousin.

I never thought I would have to use your name and the word autopsy in the same sentence.

a year and a half ago, you hadn't been feeling well for a couple of days. You had serious flu like symptoms. You said you were going to go home and rest. Your friends called you when you didn't show up for work. Then they called us. You were found lying on your couch. It was too late. You died of coronary heart failure with an 80% blockage in your arteries.

Why didn't you listen to your family and friends when they told you that you needed to have a care for your health ? How many years did we tell you that you needed to take care of yourself. Why wouldn't you go to the doctor for a check up ? Why wouldn't you have your blood pressure checked ? This was totally preventable. Why did you have to be so freaking stubborn !!

We miss you so much.

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4/11/13 11:03 A

TURTLESDOVE, I'm so sorry you had to go through that; I hope that guy that became a preacher really did repent. One of the girls that picked on me in grade school (and I went to a Lutheran school at that time) was actually a preachers daughter. I feel fortunate, compared to so many other kids, that most of the bullying I experienced was verbal and not physical.

MASHAMOO Posts: 1,667
4/11/13 10:31 A

Dear random people who helped me when I was down:
I'm trying to pay it forward. Thanks for all your inspiration and assistance.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
4/11/13 9:40 A

@mom2acat, I completely understand the last note: I got bullied, too, and I've been thinking about telling them off, but I haven't yet. One of my classmates tortured me, called me names and hit me on the back of the head with a hard rock and the principal did nothing about it. Anyway, he's a preacher now so maybe he repented.

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4/10/13 5:47 P

This note is to my beautiful daughter, Juliette Nicole. "I love you baby!!! Have a great day!!!!"
I tell her that every single day!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOM2ACAT SparkPoints: (190,535)
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4/10/13 4:47 P

Dear Dad;
You've been gone about a year and a half now, but sometimes it still hurts like it just happened yesterday. I miss you so much. I've been wearing some of your old flannel shirts around the house, it feels like I am wearing a hug from you.

Dear former toxic friend:
One of the hardest things I ever had to do was make the decision to cut you out of my life, but it was on the best things I ever did for myself. I didn't realize how much your negativity and the emotional stress you caused me was affecting my health, both mentally and physically, until months later. You taught me though that I can stand up for myself, and I will never let anyone ever treat me that way again.

To all the kids who bullied me through school:
I can't believe that a few of you have actually sent me Facebook friend requests, did you really think I'd accept them? Do you believe that now that we are all adults that everything is ok and forgotten now? You left me with emotional scars, some that will never completely heal.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,363
4/10/13 4:18 P

Forget Angie...Come to Mama ...Bebe

P.S. leave the kids home

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
4/10/13 3:32 P

Mom- It is time for bed so I removed the post I originally posted, I felt sort of bad for all I wrote even though those are my thoughts. You have put the down payment on your assistant living home. Please be kind, and please apologize to your grand daughter and thank you her for everything she has done for you. I do hope you find joy in your new home. You need to be thankful. I love you and good night.

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4/10/13 3:09 P


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TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
4/10/13 3:09 P

I'm loving this thread! Keep it coming!

4/10/13 2:46 P

Dear Kate Beckinsale and Kate Upton:

Hi! If either of you is looking for a mid 50's year old married guy on Sparkpeople I just wanted to put my name out there. My wife totally gave me permission - well, I am assuming that her massive eye roll and shaking her head while walking away was permission.

Call me.


4/10/13 2:37 P

Dear HOT Ms. Librarian from elementary school,
I actually hated to read but loved every minute of library class. I actually knew those words I asked you to explain to me but just wanted your attention.
~me (the little boy who ALWAYS asked the strangest questions)

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
4/10/13 1:27 P

Bobby- remember that lazy boy recliner that you wanted for Christmas, so that you could just sit back, relax, and auto-tune your favorite programs to come on so that wouldn't have to use your hand muscles to change the channels? Well, I hope you got it, you lazy bum! I also hope that there wasn't a next poor sucker who fell for your fake charm. If so, more power to her and I hope that she gets out of that bed that she has made for herself, before she gets too comfortable in it. By the way, knowing your true nature would have been helpful BEFORE I married your sorry hide. Good riddens to you!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/10/13 12:49 P

Mom- 26 years is a long time to be without you, but i love you each and every day. I appreciate the boots to the head that you still manage to give me. Know that we miss you terribly and will see you at the gates of Heaven.

Dido-- the most cherished memory I have with you is when we were watching the 12- rack buck outside our cabin. that single five minutes meant so much to me. take care and I will see you in heaven.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
4/10/13 11:19 A

Ronnie- You probably still miss me, well tough, this good woman left your stupid ass. You were lazy and abusive, not to mention uneducated. Last I heard you were in drug court getting escorted into federal court. It looks a if they nailed you twice in one day, what a winner! You were a waste of my time!

Robert- All your comments about other ladies in front of me sure did not make me move closer to your heart, You thought it was fun since you would pick ladies that you know or thought I was better looking than, but that just told me how much of a lady watcher you were. The real winner was when you were begging me to move in with you, then you told the attractive lady who showed us an apartment that it was just for you, right after we left another apartment complex and you told the male manager that it was for us, or at least you are trying to get me to move in with you, you told him. We still dated, but you were only a filler in anyways while Mike went through his divorce. No hurt feelings. Hope you are doing well. I do remember our last encounter in the parking lot after we broke up lol. You were not a waste of my time, I learned a lot from you on how some men like to degrade women. I never let you get under my skin. I just knew I wouldn't want a womanizer such as you. I also remember the dirty magazines you bought me with naked men and how I caught you looking at them when I got out of the shower, whewwww you threw that magazine filled with nude men only down reeeaaaal fast! I still laugh over that and can see it clearly in my mind to this day. I saw you again once before I married Mike when I left Mike for a short time. You and I spent an innocent night together on Karen's floor, you wanted more, and I declined over and over again, and I remember you would not let me mention Mike without getting mad. Guess what Robert, I am still with Mike, and never left thim since, he never gave me another reason to do so. I still wonder why you claim you had two birthdays, guess I will never know. My guess was you were adopted, but who knows.

Mike- If I had to do it all over again I would choose you, You are my hero! You complete me and allow me to be who I am. We both compliment one another so beautifully. Thank you for 25 plus great years. Thank you for being a great dad to our two beautiful girls. We are now in a different phase in our life, the one we would talk about when we were young on how we wanted to grow old together and enjoy our grand kids. We just entered that stage and we are enjoying it so very much. I am still in love with you, and anticipate many more great years with you. I love being young grandparents who totally are into their grandchild, but when he is gone we are totally into one another ;) I have a surprise for you, the key will be in your work bag in a few weeks. :) I have a great hotel room in mind. I love you babe! XO

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
4/10/13 11:14 A

LOVE this!!! I wish I could give one to one of my kids' father's other baby mothers (I realize how messed up that sounds), but being that this is a public forum, and I am paranoid about where she may be lurking, I better not.


Dear Grandma Lori,
I have missed you so much and think of you often since you died the day before your 80th birthday five years ago. Thanks so much for instilling in me the appreciation of a clean and organized house, and the importance of having faith. I'm sorry for being such a sh*t teenager, and stubborn young adult. I often hear myself saying things that I know you would say that used to drive me up a wall when I was a kid...(ie. It looks like a bomb went off in here! Make your bed! Stop stuffing socks in your covers! How hard is it to bring dishes into the kitchen?) Anyway, love you.
~your first granddaughter and mother of your first great-grands.

Dear Grandma Helen,
Since you've passed now, I'm sure you know that your daughter-in-law was actually a wonderful woman, and totally protected us from what a toxic b-word you really were for as long as she could. I know you were mentally ill, but some of the things you said and did, there was absolutely NO excuse for, whatsoever. However, I do forgive you, and I am doing my absolute best to be nothing like you.
~the daughter of the only child that went out of his way to continue to honor you, only in obedience to God.
Dear Classmates from every grade I went to,
Because of you, for a long time, I saw myself as this big, huge fat useless blob. I didn't see that I really was just a bit chunky. I hope you're all teaching your kids that teasing is caustic and very damaging, that they should treat others the way they want to be treated, and that if they do not, that you discipline them accordingly. I also forgive you, and I can't blame you totally for the choices I've made, but your words did play a big part of my self-esteem for a long time.
~The funny fat friend

4/10/13 10:25 A

Hi Mom,
This summer will be 8 years since your death. I will never forget your words & love, they make for an incredibly solid guide to my life and for my children. I miss you SO MUCH!
~your baby


To Alonzo,
Dude, I hope you rot in hell. Your relentless bullying of me and my band friends caused me and them great pain and fear during Jr. High school.
~me (band geek)


To Darlene,
You were truly my first love. What an idiot I was to "goof" on you. I know your life has been rough since the early 80's but I can't help thinking that maybe I would've made your life better had I stayed with you.
~stupid me

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