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6/17/14 1:49 P

Lose it.

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6/17/14 1:24 P

Like most things, being healthy takes educating yourself and family and arming yourself with the tools to be successful. Spark is a great place to start!


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6/17/14 12:34 P

I have had the "weight loss" mindset for my whole adult life, until about 4 years ago, when I started gradually shifting to a more "health" mindset. This put weight loss more in balance with other goals to achieve health. I think the switch in how I regard weight (as merely one part of health) my approach became more balanced and my stress around weight a lot less.

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6/17/14 12:26 P

@IMATIKIGIRL That reminds me of how I started. It is a learning experience. When joining SparkPeople I would spend about 3 hrs a day reading and planning. Reading the first book of Spark gave me a lot of incentive to move forward.


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6/20/13 12:09 P

That's unique and worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion.


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6/20/13 11:47 A

I agree. You also have to try different strategies, an eating and exercise program that worked for you two years ago, may not work for you now.

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6/20/13 11:41 A

I read an article that said to think of your weight loss journey like taking a semester course at college. You have to prepare, put aside time, study and write, and do homework. To learn, it takes time.

I really like that!

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