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KESTRUNK Posts: 196
1/31/13 5:04 P

This is actually a great idea! I might try this with my snack cabinet. I can always feed it to the birds and squirrels and then start over!

NEWRUNNER2 Posts: 542
1/31/13 4:33 P

Good for you--you looked at your fridge and saw a great opportunity for a new beginning. I love that attitude. The fridge is empty and The glass is half full!


DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/31/13 1:15 P

i think its great too, but take your food shopping to another level:

also don't over buy food. I did a budget bootcamp. Grant you mine was with all raw food, but you can make it work for cooked stuff too. There are staples you can have in your freezer such as some frozen chicken breasts, maybe a couple of steaks or sausage. But for the fridge, watch how many greens you stash. Keep your fresh veggies down to a minimum.
What i do is I go through the recipes that i am going to make that week. I have it in 4 columns. The first column is the ingredients of the recipes. The second column is the amount needed. the third column is a total needed (sometimes for the second column I may have three or 4 entries as i am making multiple recipes that share ingredients. the 4th column is what do i need to buy. Some of the ingredients may be staples such as salt, pepper, spices, nuts, seeds, etc. However the fresher ingredients i don't like to stock large portions of.
For example, spaghetti and meatballs are on your plan. You decide to make fresh sauce. So you list out the ingredients-- tomato, carrots, tomato paste, peppers, onions, etc. List how much of each you need in column 2. maybe you are also thinking of making a large salad. Some of the ingredients used in the tomato sauce are also in your salad. instead of writing down tomatoes again, just add another entry into column 2.
Once you are done planning, total column 2 into column 3. Now check what you have on hand. Some of the dry ingredients you may already have and don't need. However, say you need 8 tomatoes to fill your recipes and you still have 4 on hand. Now you only need 4 more.

also I have found not to buy in bulk. The only thing I may buy in bulk is fresh berries and things. I freeze those. Cheaper to buy in season, then freeze instead of buying frozen already. I don't buy my greens in bulk.
I have been following this plan for the last month and have thrown out almost nothing. I actually saved a lot of money.

1/31/13 12:39 P

That is such a great attitude! It's funny when somehting bad happens and it turns out to really be an opportunity in disguise, right? Have fun making a list before you head to the store to re-stock that fridge! There are lots of great articles on grocery staples, as well os some really great healthy recipes! Go find 1 or 2 new recipes you'd like to try and keep that spark going!

Good luck!

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1/31/13 12:12 P

With the best intentions, I began a weight loss program for the New Year. I have a lot going on right now and plenty of stress, so I haven't been exactly a good girl with my plan, but I did lose a few lbs. So as Luck would have it, my refridgerator stopped working last Sunday! More stress! I was able to save some of the stuff in the freezer side and some from the refridgerator by putting in in my basement freezer, choosing what to throw away that didn't fit into the freezer or couldn't be frozen. So to work off my fustration, I gave both sides a good cleaning . I was in Luck, it was a minor problem and the repairman got it working the same day! As I looked at the empty clean refridgerator, knowing much food would need to be replaced, I told myself NOW is the best time to stock my refriderator/freezer with healthy foods giving me a New Start! A New Beginning with my plan since all the junk is now gone.

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