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9/30/13 5:39 P

If you like the elliptical trying doing what's called Peak 8 - warm up for 3-5 minutes then go all out as hard and as fast as you can for 30 seconds, slow back down and recover for 90 seconds, then repeat this until you've done 8-30 sec. peaks and then cool down for 5 minutes or so. On the elliptical I use - my all out hard and fast is about 240-250 strides per minute and my recovery is around 150-160 strides per minute. I set the crossramp at about 8 and leave the resistance at the lowest setting. You should only do Peak 8 every other day at the most as your leg muscles need time to recover and while this may not sound bad written down, trust me, it will kick your butt and give your workout a boost. Personally, I believe your body gets used to doing the same workout and you need to change things up frequently so you keep your body and your muscles "confused."

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9/30/13 2:27 P

I completely understand. I took up running and ran for over a year, including many 5ks and 10ks and two half marathons and never lost weight. I felt good, but it didn't do anything for my weight or how I looked. Things never changed for me until I started a workout that included strength training. Then, I swear, the fat melted off overnight. I would definitely recommend expanding your workouts beyond cardio.

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9/30/13 8:48 A

I'm sorry you are feeling discouraged. The spartan race idea sounds pretty interesting! If you don't know anyone who is into it, maybe it's time to meet new people who you can train with. I'm pretty shy so I tend to do things by myself, on my own, but sometimes it's worth it to make the extra effort to meet new people.

Also, congrats on being so near your weight loss goal! The closer you get the longer it can take to get the pounds off. I guess what I would do if I were in your shoes would be to continue the tracking of food & exercise like what you are doing now, but maybe focus more on the race goal and/or meeting new exercise partners. When you complete the race you'll have a success under your belt and if those last 10-20 lbs are still there, you can renew your efforts to lose them.

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9/30/13 5:54 A

Try varying your calorie intake each day. Like, one day eat 1200, the next eat 1500, then 1300 and so on. This will trick your body so that it won't know how much you're going to be getting. This is my 2nd time on SP, but I always busted my plateaus by eating that way. I hope this helps!

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9/29/13 10:24 P

I've been working out since January. I started off just walking on the treadmill and eventually jogging, but I ended up just doing an hour on the elliptical every day. I am happy with my routine. However, I am not happy with my results. I have plateau'd and I still have 10-20lbs to go. I also want to run a spartan race, but I can't get motivated to start.

I need to start running and lifting for a variety of reasons. However, I am so self conscious. I can't enlist anyone to start with me, so what am I supposed to do? I'm feeling really discouraged. :(

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