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4/2/13 12:17 P

Wow! So thrilled for you!
Great job and continues success and happiness to you.
What an inspiration you are!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

PHIPPSI SparkPoints: (3,931)
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4/2/13 10:54 A

Massive congratulations to you on you 8 month journey.. Such a short period of time and a massive impact on your quality of life..

Ive been trying to get across to poeple that in a short time relatively speaking you can make an impact that can improve the rest of your life..

Well done you.

Ive been on a similar journey. I have 15-16kgs left to lose to reach my goal and seeing other people who have made such life changing changes is an inspiration for me when my resolve is tested.

I started September 2012 at 155kg and im now 99kg.. Roll on getting to my goal and i wish you every bit of success in reaching yours.

Really pleased for you./

When the week seems long and successes few
And at weigh in time you are feeling blue,
Remember tomorrow is just for you

To start again means a victory is been won
And starting over again means a race well run
And starting over again proves it can be done
So do not just sit there

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4/1/13 4:34 P

WOW!!!CONGRATS LADY!! I can only pray to be that successful!!!! Good luck on your journey!!!


New to website love ,love ,love it!! I am going to follow through this time and never give up is my motto!!Have 150 to lose and am making my first goal for the first 50 gone by 8/19/13!!!Wish me luck and good luck to all of you as well!!!
LAOIGHSE Posts: 132
4/1/13 3:51 P

Congratulations. I love reading about people who have made it happen, you are inspirational

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
4/1/13 4:34 A

how awesome is that!!!! 8 Months is very impressive!!!

I have been loving the sparks recipes myself and just loving the fact I don't ever never have to repeat meals and cooking them and knowing they are healthy and the family doesn't even know it LOL

Way to go!


Live, Love, Laugh
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3/31/13 9:51 A

OMG that's awesome!! I'm proud of you!

an exchange year isn't a year of your life - it's a life in a year
BKHIGGINS SparkPoints: (830)
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3/30/13 10:23 P

I want to be making that post in 8 mos!! (jealous!) :) Way to go!

MELJONES3478 SparkPoints: (15,754)
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3/30/13 10:12 P

Wow 90 lbs in 8 months...great job! I hope you make your goal of 15 lbs. Keep up the good work.

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (44,369)
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3/30/13 4:00 P

FLRUGBYCHICK, I wish you had a Sparkpage so we could see just how far you've come. When people you don't even know stop you and tell you how wonderful you look, wow, that is so awesome! The same thing has happened to me, and I can safely say that it was truly one of the sweetest moments of my entire life!

Spark On!

Eliminate "I will try". Replace with "I will".
You are now ready to succeed.
Let's go.
CORKYTHEMOM1 SparkPoints: (161,696)
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3/30/13 2:25 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon on your 90 - lbs. weight loss!! emoticon

Love, Light & Laughter,

*~* Monika *~*
DUCKY2222 Posts: 312
3/30/13 11:21 A


For me it's not about getting thin, it's about getting fit and healthy. Getting thin is an added bonus!
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3/30/13 11:17 A

BIG HUGE emoticon to you : ) emoticon emoticon

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 14,906
3/30/13 5:45 A

Great work!

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
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3/30/13 1:45 A

emoticon emoticon

"When you're a beautiful person on the inside, there is nothing in the world that can change that about you. Jealousy is the result of one's lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance.

The Lesson: If you can't accept yourself, then certainly no one else will."

-Sasha Azevedo-
FYRAM45 Posts: 58
3/29/13 10:56 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon

'Positive anything is better than negative nothing.- Elbert Hubbard
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3/29/13 10:12 P


WDWCHICK Posts: 767
3/25/13 8:14 P

That is absolutely fabulous! Great work!

MUSCATDBQ SparkPoints: (3,450)
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3/25/13 7:59 P

emoticon That is great! And I'll bet it feels really good to have people complimenting you too! All that work paid off big time!

-10 pounds: Zumba Fitness 2 for Wii (assuming it is still for sale) ORDERED
-20 pounds: ymca or gym membership (still researching best option)
-30 pounds: new workout outfit
-40 pounds: new walking/running shoes
-50 pounds: New fitness game or DVD
-60 pounds: new workout outfit
-70 pounds: new wardrobe
NEWRUNNER2 Posts: 542
3/25/13 2:53 P


You have a lot to be proud of! Glad you're here with us at SparkPeople! Sharing your story might be really inspirational for people who are at the beginning of their weight loss journey. Have you ever thought about creating a SparkPage with some blogs?

Take care and thanks again for sharing! emoticon

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FLRUGBYCHICK SparkPoints: (770)
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3/25/13 1:45 P

The last 8 months flew by. I can't believe I lost 90lds. Thanks to a combonatin of waight watchers and spark people, i'm eating healthy and enjoying it. I think I want to loose 15lbs more, but I'm in no hurry. People I don't even know have been stopping to tell me how great I look. Good luck to you all on your goals. It can be done! emoticon

It's not about getting skinny, it's about getting health.
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