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DSCHONDOG Posts: 183
5/28/09 2:23 A

What you have just done is difficult, very difficult and you won! You did it and tomorrow you will continue to do it so that in another 6 months you will be where you are only dreaming you can be right now. It's a matter of choices and you are making the right ones. I am in maintenance mode. I lost my weight in 6 months and have kept it off for almost 5 years. Only 5% of people who lose weight keep the weight off for 5 years or more. I intend to be in that itty bitty group (no pun intended). It is still difficult. I go day by day, and slowly I have been able to defeat some of the giants in my food life. Dr. Pepper was a big one for me. It took 18 months for the desire for that to completely die. Fried foods are almost dead, if I could only get the French Fries to take their final breath. I don't eat them, but I sure want to eat them, still. I find that I can eat more now than when I started. I am so much more active and I have muscles instead of fat. Muscles burn so many more calories than fat so my maintenance intake is about 25% more than my weight loss intake was. Just think how fantastic it will be to move around 75 pounds lighter than you are now. It will be so easy, too, because you will be so much stronger. Let your fellow Sparkers know how you are doing from time to time. You are an inspiration. We all need you! All the best, Dawn emoticon

5/28/09 2:16 A

Such an inspiring story. You have given us big girls the proof that it can be done. Thanks and I wish you continued success in your journey to better health. emoticon

ROBERTA559 Posts: 4
5/28/09 2:09 A

what an encouraging note. it makes me want to try harder. i have lost 55 pounds and have 50 to go

5/28/09 2:05 A

"So take it from me. That extra slice of pizza, that large order of fries- they aren't worth it."

Thank you for this piece of advice. I needed to hear this (and the rest of your story). I will take it to heart.

The best of luck to you on the rest of your journey!

LAURBA13 Posts: 2
5/28/09 2:04 A

So inspiring thanks for your post.

Laura emoticon

WORTIZ04 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,735)
Posts: 47
5/28/09 2:00 A

I have to congratulate you, you have to feel proud of your self.
I agree with you on changing health habits sooner rather than later.
God Bless,

AHLAMNS Posts: 1
5/28/09 1:58 A

Thank you. I needed those words to keep me on the right track. it is easy to fall back on bad habits.

JOSEPHC3 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,782)
Posts: 189
5/28/09 1:58 A

Congratulations on your accomplishment. I'm sure you notice how different you feel now. You can loose as much as you want using this program.

SHASTA11 SparkPoints: (62,234)
Fitness Minutes: (8,691)
Posts: 18,407
5/28/09 1:54 A

How wonderful. 85 lbs. I think we would all like to know how you've done it. My goal is to lose 84 lbs. I've lost a little over 14 so far.

We can do it!

RHALES199 SparkPoints: (27,257)
Fitness Minutes: (9,106)
Posts: 7,246
5/28/09 1:48 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon Keep up the good work! ('m rather jealous.... it's taken me 2 1/2 years to loose 70 lbs.... but I ahve hypothyroidism and a VERY slow metabolism, and not a lot of energy to do much exercise like I would like to...)

SWTEPIE98 Posts: 3
5/28/09 1:41 A

Congrats!!! that is awesome.. I would love to know how you are accomplishing your goals...

RENANDA Posts: 1
5/28/09 1:40 A

Thanks for the encouragement. I have 130 pounds to lose and i cant start.

ANULESS Posts: 5
5/28/09 1:36 A

That is amazing!! What did you do...what kind of workouts and diet??

SUE1512 Posts: 6,313
5/28/09 1:35 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Excellent work! You will hit your goal in no time! Thanks for sharing!

SHRUTI23 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,161)
Posts: 437
5/28/09 1:32 A

Thats awesome .. keep going!

5/28/09 1:31 A are a inspiration! emoticon

BOBBIER23 Posts: 24
5/28/09 1:31 A

Way to go!!! Reading your sucess makes people like me feel motivated to keep on going when things get rough!!! Congrats!!! and keep up the good work! Hang in there! We hope to hear more from you as you go along! We are all here in the same boat! So drop in a line when things get rough! i know how you feel!!

FLEMIDG Posts: 47,374
5/28/09 1:29 A

Congratulations to you. You are doing great. You are such an inspiration. I know you will soon be at your goal weight. emoticon emoticon emoticon

5/28/09 1:29 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

You're doing awesome!! You are such an inspiration to me. I've also been diagnosed with type II Diabetes. It is my hope and dream to be off my meds. Keep up the great work!!!

STEFFI264 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (41,376)
Posts: 775
5/28/09 1:29 A

You are a role model!

I have been so big for so long that I didn't even recognize the extent of the changes in my body .
the number on a scale really didn't mean anything to me.
But when my trainer told me that my BMI range had gone from morbidly obese to obese that was something big.
Last week she re-measured me and this time it said I was in the "normal range"
I feel strong and healthy but not "normal"
I still can't see the reality of what has changed about my body

It is a shame that I can't revel in this new experiece yet, but really all I can do for now is keep it up and not worry about the outcome
I just need to be doing the very small things that has led up to the change, the everyday goals versus the long range expectation .

I hope that you don't look at that other 75 % as the only thing that is driving you.
Everything you have done so far has made you my hero!

I am not looking down the road at a number -- I'd rather be happy with the fact that I am not in as much pain as I used to live with, I am more active as a result and that I am trying to make better choices for my body with an eye towards health and nourishment.

I am honored to be on that road with you.

5/28/09 1:27 A

WAY WAY AWESOME. That inspired me to get going. I've been trying to lose weight and have been floundering. I've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and PCOS - and those two things have been a REAL BUZZ KILL! But seeing how well you've done in 6 months has really given me the extra oomph to keep fighting the good fight. CONGRATULATIONS! emoticon

CREATEME1 Posts: 448
5/28/09 1:24 A

I am so happy that you are taking control! You rock and roll and by sharing you are giving as well. Be happy, be centered, keep your self!

5/28/09 1:23 A

You are an inspiration! I was just diagnosed with Diabetes on Friday, and joined Sparkpeople on Saturday. Do or die is right. You have a wonderful positive attitude which makes you strong. Sharing your message makes others strong. Thanks so much for sharing!!

5/28/09 1:23 A


YIGOBUTTERFLY SparkPoints: (206,262)
Fitness Minutes: (112,526)
Posts: 29,142
5/28/09 1:23 A

Wow, Great going! I started in November with drinking the water and then in January exercising and finally at the end of January watching the calories. That is when I started dropping the weight. Mine is only 30 lbs. but I am not complaining. And I do feel much better. Keep it up and then remember to maintain for the rest of your long life.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

EVEMARIE4 Posts: 5
5/28/09 1:21 A

way to go! thanks for sharing :)

5/28/09 1:17 A

You are a superstarr my friend. I started December 2008 as well but haven't nearly reached my goal.
I have 15 more KG to drop till i'm healthy.
Seeng your numbers drop and your goal stay ocnstant is motivating.
All the best and keep going! You are going to be the best possible you!!

5/28/09 1:08 A

Great job! Keep going, your story has encouraged me to keep my slow weight loss going.

Fitness Minutes: (957)
Posts: 265
5/28/09 1:08 A

I have to say congrats on all your success. It does take a lot for some people to finally take a hold of their life. I haven't personally dealt with the extreme health issues but my bf has lost over 200 pounds without sparkpeople and has just joined the site and is telling his story...anyone who has the courage and strength to turn their life around like you or an inspiration to not only me but all those who come to this site whether they have lost the weight and are keeping to their plan or are just starting out.

thank you for your story and the best of luck on your life long journey of being healthy

5/28/09 1:04 A

Well said!

Kudos on your progress and your new future.

Be well, live well.


MARYBETH_OHIO Posts: 2,492
5/28/09 1:04 A

VANCANTO- emoticon that is so awesome and it just lets others know they can do it to.. Good luck on the rest of your journey.

CBRYAN44 Posts: 329
5/28/09 1:03 A

To Jlavetta: I'm glad you found Spark People. It's a wonderful way to gain new friendships and establish great eating habits and healthy ways to exercise. There was an article not too long ago on Sparkpeople about a lady that has Cerebral Palsy and has still managed to walk just about daily in her home with some walking tapes she picked up and has used. She feels like some days she "trips on air" so likes that she can walk inside of her home and not have to worry about the weather, going to the gym, etc... It was very inspiring. I sure hope that you find all that you're looking for here at Sparkpeople. :)

Edited by: CBRYAN44 at: 5/28/2009 (01:04)
RAJA4A Posts: 3
5/28/09 12:51 A

WOW! That is awesome. Reading stories of success like this makes me to keep trying so I can succeed... emoticon

LORNE67 Posts: 949
5/28/09 12:50 A

Good job!! I needed to hear of someone's sucess to help me to stay motivated. I am only four weeks into trying to lose weight.

5/28/09 12:49 A

I have just registered with sparkpeople this my first day. I am 64 years old and I am weighing 230. I have a hard time exercising because of severe arthritis in my knee and shoulder. I am hoping that
this site will be of help in forming new habits. I have begun walking but I am not able to walk very far now but look forward to increasing.
Thanks for your encouraging testimony! emoticon

5/28/09 12:47 A

you give me hope thanks emoticon

IWILLBE145 Posts: 453
5/28/09 12:47 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
What an inspiring story!! Good for you! I have to agree with you that the more you loose the more your inspiration grows! Your success not only spurs you on to do more, but encourages your sparkfriends to do as well! Thank you for sharing your amazing story! Keep on blogging, this is what makes SparkPeople such a success!

emoticon emoticon

JOLETTE Posts: 5,028
5/28/09 12:47 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon WOW!!! You have to feel so proud of the strides you have made on your travels to a healthier life. WOW!! Congraltions and many blessing Jo

MICHELLEFROST SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (24,299)
Posts: 2,073
5/28/09 12:42 A

congatulations! keep up the good work!

5/28/09 12:41 A

This is very inspiring. I am close to your starting weight and was diagnosed type 1 diabetic six months ago. My numbers are normal, but I in no way had that much success with the weightloss.

Thank you so much for sharing your story!

CHIBIKARATE Posts: 15,003
5/28/09 12:41 A

totally awesome congrats emoticon emoticon

MUSA33 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,000)
Posts: 4,974
5/28/09 12:29 A

Thank you. That's really all I can say.


CBRYAN44 Posts: 329
5/28/09 12:22 A

Thanks for the encouraging message. I'm very appreciative. It's good to know that even us "more heavy" people have hope of losing weight and that we can start doing more fun activities as we gain confidence in ourselves. Thanks! emoticon

5/14/09 10:20 P

Woohoo! Way to go! Keep up the great work.

SABBY217 Posts: 234
5/14/09 2:49 P

Well said! Great job!! Way to take charge!

ESYLLI Posts: 194
5/14/09 2:24 P

I beg to doesn't lose 85 pounds "without putting much effort into losing weight"! BE PROUD! This is a TREMENDOUS accomplishment. Woo Hoo for you!

MANDLES82 Posts: 15
5/14/09 12:56 P

WOW! That is amazing! You must feel incredible to have succeeded at something you didn't think possible. Keep up the amazing work :)

KAREN42BOYS SparkPoints: (104,948)
Fitness Minutes: (68,153)
Posts: 2,419
5/14/09 12:11 P

good for you to take control!

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,952)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,443
5/14/09 11:13 A

Congrats on your results and thanks for the message to motivate others to get healthy!


5/14/09 11:04 A

I haven't been particularly active on here, probably because I never really put a lot of effort into losing weight and felt guilty for doing nothing as people around me had one success story after another. In December of 08 I weighed 360 lbs and was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. 6 Months later, my blood sugar and cholesterol are in normal range, my medication has been reduced to almost nothing, and I'm down 85 pounds. I haven't been 275 since high school, and I'm not about to stop there. 85 pounds down, 75 to go.

It hasn't been easy, but it gets easier every day. The better I look, the better I feel, the more inertia I gain to keep doing well. Finally, let me encourage anyone who reads this to start their fitness plan NOW. Don't wait until your body begins to shut down, until its a do or die situation. Start now, be healthy, and enjoy life. I can hike again, play basketball with my friends again. I feel more confident, less irritable. So take it from me. That extra slice of pizza, that large order of fries, they aren't worth it. Get healthy. Break your addictions. It won't be easy, but its worth it, and there is a whole community here to support you on your journey.

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