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3/11/13 6:48 P

I enjoy crushed ice as a way to get my water in.,

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3/11/13 6:09 P

Sometimes during the winter months because the more water I drink during the winter makes me cold. Otherwise I have no problem. I titled it like that to point out that most people I know do have a lot trouble with drinking that much water. Water to the human body is like oil to a car! Without water, a lot things will go wrong. I had friends of mind tell me that 8 glasses of was too much, and could cause problems. I always knew they were wrong!

I was giving tips that work for me as well as I got some tips from reading today's article.

Thank you for offering help!

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3/11/13 2:14 P

Your title seems to suggest you're struggling with so much water. Your actual post seems to suggest you're offering advice to others to how to get their water in.

Are you having any trouble?

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3/11/13 1:39 P

I found I do better with getting my water drank is including the water with my meals.
For instance, instead of having a glass of juice, tea, or etc, I drink water during my meals as wel as before and after my meals. I have a tendency to have a dry mouth while sleeping, I keep a 33 oz bottle of water on my night stand to help with that condition. Also drinking 8-16 ounces right when my feet hit the floor in the morning starts the day right.

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