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1/27/13 3:58 P

I would say that #2 breathe your way slim should be replaced with reduce your over all stress. I am a firm believer that stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. If we could reduce our stress, we'd automatically reduce our waistline.

#5 feel sexy to stay slim is a catch 22. I know that there have been studies that have said that a healthy sex life is part of a healthy lifestyle. But, how many women avoid sex because they hate their bodies ? And how many women aren't getting any sex because they aren't dating anyone because they don't feel attractive ?

It's one thing to tell everyone that having a healthy sex life will prolong your life. It's another to actually have a decent sex life.

1/27/13 3:17 P

These are effective habits, nothing more. A paradigm shift is good but for someone looking for that FINAL answer, the end all of all answers to weightloss then these are no better than anything else if even that.

Thanks for sharing!

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1/27/13 1:48 P

I agree. With pretty much all of it. It doesn't mean I would force everybody to do it this way, but they all have truths to them.

Some people have problems with #1- because it doesn't talk about calories necessarily. But I think the big thing is that, as a nutritionist, she want's healthy relationships towards food, and several people actually develop eating disorders when they start counting calories. It is MOST important that you eat healthful foods- not that you stay within a calorie range.

Combating stress is definitely a good idea due to cortisol, and yes, breathing exercises do help- quite a bit actually. Is it perfect? Is it the only way? No. But there are major studies suggesting it helps a lot, and that's truly what matters.

As far as enjoying exercise- I think semantics aren't something to debate. I enjoy it! I feel awful during it, but it's a weird pleasurable type of awful. Enjoying something is mostly mental, and you can really learn to enjoy anything in some part. If you say you don't enjoy exercise but you feel great after- that's could qualify as enjoying it. The point is, find something to stick with that you aren't going to mumble and groan about forever, and if you ARE mumbling and groaning, you will ultimately be happier- AND HEALTHIER- if you either a) learn to enjoy what you are doing or b) find something you don't moan about.

As far as sex- it is a great stress relief, actually, and the confidence when you "feel sexy" helps in all areas of life. It doesn't mean pressure people into having sex if they aren't right now, but it does mean that if your marriage has been lacking bedroom fun (perhaps you are often too tired, or busy, or you just don't feel sexy enough) to make that a priority, too. Sex has a lot of great benefits when it is done in a healthy, happy, committed relationship. We can't just ignore the benefits because some people can't or don't want to make love.

1/27/13 1:43 P

It looks like she is trying to make the Mind/Body connection. It just gets too overwhelming when you have to think about all these "rules". I read Bob Harpers "skinny rules" book and what he said makes a lot of sense and I have incorporated some of them into my life. I agree with the sleep part and decluttering your life so that you can attain your goals. For me it is taking a little of this...a little of that...and coming up with what works for me! I keep reading and researching. I listen to a podcast I love called "cut the fat" (Free on their website) and they focus on food, genetics and your hormones. They also emphasis that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise...I have no problem exercising its the food part that gets me everytime!

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1/27/13 1:02 P

I don't agree with everything!

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1/27/13 9:14 A

I agree in part with it. I absolutely believe that not all calories are created equal - we need to fill our bodies with healthy food, not crap. But strictly in terms of weight loss, it is still largely a measure of calories in, calories out.

I also believe hugely in the importance of mindfulness, reducing stress, and breathing. But I'm not sure how big of an effect that really has a weightless, even though it's crucial to overall health.

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1/27/13 8:20 A

No, I don't agree with everything that she's saying.
Sometimes, doing what we need to is not what we want to do. I don't "enjoy" getting on the recumbant bike. I don't enjoy doing wall push ups. I don't enjoy lifting weights. I don't enjoy doing squats and donkey kicks, etc. However, how the HECK do I expect to get fit if I don't WORK at it. Nowhere does it say that work is always pleasant. I don't HATE excercising. I always feel great when I am done.

I do agree that we do need to eat more nutrient-rich foods, less refined sugars and less refined starches, and aim for more whole-foods as much as possible. However, I don't agree we should just eat when we think we feel hungry. Sometimes thirst masks itself as hunger and how many of us feel "hungry" when we're stressed.

That's another thing. Stress is a part of life and it cannot always be controlled. We just have to learn healthy coping mechanisms.

Not everyone wants sex, and even some that REALLY do, feel they have a moral obligation to purity. Sometimes, those that do want have partners with medical issues that prevent sex from happening as often as they'd like.

I agree about decluttering as much as possible, drinking enough water, and having a goal to lose weight for your own health and not to please anyone else.

There. That's my opinion on it. You made me THINK before I finished my first cup of coffee. Enjoy your Sunday, CM.

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1/27/13 8:17 A

To a certain extent, yes, I agree but why stop at only 8 rules? I'm sure there are more!

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1/27/13 8:08 A

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