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IGNITEME101 Posts: 7,083
10/11/13 8:15 P


HOLLYM48 Posts: 15,780
10/11/13 12:25 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 68,540
9/7/13 2:14 A

Fantastic. Love your commitment. October 12th, I've been here six years.

VKKESU Posts: 1,000
8/27/13 11:32 A

Time flies by that is for sure ! Sparkspeople is like an old friend always there. lol

I originally started back in 2006 (Sparks was VERY NEW!!) No ads at all. Every couple of years I have to come back to get straighten up.

My biggest mistake was not planning well for maintenance. Never realized it would be harder than losing weight. Be sure to keep goals in mind after you lose all you want to and hopefully Sparks will continue to be here for everyone for a long time.

CAREBEARS2078 Posts: 3,358
8/27/13 9:41 A

On 8/31/2013 i will be celebrating 2 years that i have been on sparkpeople. emoticon emoticon

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