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10/8/12 9:39 A

I am hoping no to be so Jolly. emoticon

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10/7/12 11:20 P

I had healthy diet and exercise until I went through a divorce from a very young marriage. Divorced at age 22 with a toddler in tow. Soon after, I found a counselor to help cope with single parenting, issues with my parents, and of course, the breakup of my marriage. Eventually, after I learned to trust the counselor, we go to the issue of my binge eating.

Boy, was I ever surprised to discover that binging had to do with pent-up, and negative emotions. I had not allowed myself to realize the anger I had from my former, and abusive, spouse. The unconscious anger I held within was directly tied to my out-of-control eating.
As I learned to express my feeling and get in touch with them, as I learned to speak up for myself and gain confidence to say, "NO" to activities and people which were not consistent with my dreams and goals, gradually the binge eating needs went away.

I have no clue whether or not this might strike a chord within you and be part of your over-eating, but it is something to consider.

P.S. I had no money. My counselor was a Catholic Priest who genuinely cared about young people, and who had paid for his own master's degree in counseling. We traded services, and I went away one year later older, wiser, and healthier. Sure was a lot cheaper than paying a secular counselor somewhere!

10/7/12 7:48 P

tomorrow...set the commitment to awaken and within the first 2 hours of being awake you must eat a healthy breakfast.

See what happens.
Dietitian Becky

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10/7/12 7:15 P

I've been around people with eating disorders and disordered eating for almost 10 years.

You sound like you are describing a binge/purge (through fasting/restricting) cycle...

It's a vicious cycle and breaking it can be very difficult. Sometimes, people will try to stop, but just end up switching the "method"

There are so many methods and eating disorders or disordered eating patterns are progressive (without treatment).

Here's a site that will give good info and one of the links has a questionnaire:


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10/7/12 6:33 P

i dont know. i dont eat all day then i eat anything with no limits. usually takeaways and chocolate and crisps, cakes puddings anything really. i keep telling myself i can because tomorrow im starting my diet but then i never do. i never considered this as an eating disorder, just bad eating habits.

10/7/12 6:29 P

What helped you get over this before.
Are you talking "binge eating" as in eating disorder or more of just poor food choices and too large portions??

Dietitian Becky

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10/7/12 6:23 P

78 days or 11 weeks to christmas and i need motivating! i was at my target weight for two years and now iv gone and gained over a stone. im really fed up with myself and want to get my act together and look as good as i can for christmas. but iv got back into old habbits of binge eating and im finding it really hard to break this time!! please help!!x

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