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6/18/13 10:16 P

Okay......STOP!!! I, too, pushed myself super hard in training for a marathon. While I was no where near the 7 mile mark, I went from .25 miles to 2.5 miles in about a week. I wound up with a fractured tibial plateau as a result. This is an overuse injury, and I suspect the pain that you are feeling may also be from the same type of injury.

My knee hurt toward the inside just below the joint. There was also swelling and I had full use of the leg, however the simple act of just lifting the leg behind me, bending at the knee was excruciating. I could manually move my lower leg without pain or complaint.

At first my doctor thought I had torn my meniscus and I was trussed up in a brace. An MRI later confirmed the fracture. These types of fractures DO NOT show up right away on xrays, so insist on an MRI.

But......FOR THE LOVE OF GOD......stop trying to push yourself that hard. You will undo everything that you have accomplished. It takes months and months for experienced runners to train for half marathons....not weeks. See an orthopedic immediately, preferably one who focuses on sports medicine.

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6/18/13 9:44 P

Thanks for the encouragement and advice! I'll definitely take breaks. I made my knees hurt all day with the 7 miles - is it possible for slow running to make them hurt? I just have such a hard time getting moving any faster! I'll be going for some strength training tomorrow. I don't know if this will help me lose weight much, but it's sooo good for my heart :)

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6/18/13 12:02 P

Great job!! With that progress you are going to kill it at your half. One piece of advice I give those training for a half or full (I'm a certified running coach) is to make sure you are taking cut back weeks. In other words, don't continue to increase your mileage every week. Your body needs time to adjust to the increase in distance to prevent injury. Also, make sure you are cross training and strength training. That will give your body a break from all the running and will prevent injury.

The most important thing when training for a half is having a positive attitude and it sounds like you already have that. Trust me, the hard work will pay off. Finishing my first full marathon was one of my greatest accomplishments and something nobody could take away from me. Enjoy the experience of training and most importantly enjoy the race. You only get the chance to run your first half marathon once. Good luck and keep us posted!!

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6/18/13 9:49 A

Very good! I too am training for a half in September, the 21st. My brother is my running partner and we add a mile a week to our weekend long run. We ran 10 this past Saturday! It was very slow though. We had to start later than usually so it was hot. I wasn't sore at all the next day which really surprised me.

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6/18/13 9:35 A

I am training for a half marathon on September 15th, and I did 7 miles today. That's 3 more than 2 weeks ago!! I'm so excited about my progress, and I KNOW I can do the half marathon once it gets here. I might even be able to work on my time by then!! Woohoo!

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