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8/20/13 3:52 P

I have these sometimes. I bring my own snacks. I bring things like an apple, grapes, yogurt, string cheese. The dairy products will be fine for a mid morning snack before lunch break. If you have access to a fridge in the area it would be good. Then you can have yogurt and grapes in a mid morning snack and apple and string cheese (actually I like the mini babybel light cheeses) for your afternoon snack. Dried fruit and nuts are very carlorie-dense and it's too easy to overindulge on them, so I wouldn't bring those, personally.

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8/20/13 11:50 A

Thank you, Iced Meter. I work in a feild that has lots of "training sessions" that seem to go for ever, and these are amazing and easy ideas to add - not just for dieting, but for effective training!.

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8/20/13 11:06 A

I'm a bit late for this one, but if you're faced with another one of these, then I'd suggest that you talk to the meeting leader before it starts and see if they're open to a couple of ideas:

- First, they should be opening the meeting by telling people that it's perfectly ok to stand and/or walk around the back and sides of the room during the meeting. I always tell everyone that it's far more distracting watching all of the bobbing heads as folks are nodding off than it is to have folks moving around.

- Second, they should be scheduling in 5 minutes per hour minimum of group stretches or a few quick exercises (jumping jacks or squats or simply marching in place). I try to find the goofiest possible videos to follow for these, since it gets everyone not just moving, but laughing, too. The mental and physical break is invaluable.

- Third, if there is an "open" part of the meeting for tossing ideas around, they should consider having a small stress ball, or football, or something to literally toss to the next person who wants to talk.

- Finally, if they are supplying any of the food for the day then they need to have fruit and veggie trays, as well as cheese and sliced meat trays available all day. If they're supplying lunch, then recommend that there be a hearty soup, a couple of salad choices (with dressings on the side), and a "build your own sandwich" assortment. Folks generally tend to go with less carbs with a lunch like this, which helps with avoiding the afternoon crash.

These may sound a bit goofy, but I've spent many years leading very long training sessions (anywhere from 2 to 5 days in a row, with the days running from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) and I can say from personal experience that the above suggestions add up to participants who are far more awake, far more interested, and walk away with far more information. As the meeting leader, I end up moving around most of the time, since I could never stay awake just sitting on my duff for all of that time. If I couldn't do it, why would I expect the other folks in the meeting to be able to?

Hope that you make it through today ok, and that these suggestions help you out for future meetings!

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8/20/13 8:42 A

air popped popcorn.

8/20/13 8:08 A

When I read your post my first thought was "Anyone who schedules a 7-hour meeting should be shot." But if you have to do it, I'd avoid too much eating at all, especially salty foods. Sitting for long periods of time and eating salty snacks can lead to puffiness and water weight gain, at least for me. Fruits and unsalted nuts might be a good choice, and definitely take advantage of any chances to get up and walk.

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8/20/13 6:26 A

Eggs and blueberries, strawberries and avocados are energy are apples and oranges.

20 almonds or any kind of nuts...

Pretzels may make you sleepy......

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8/20/13 1:20 A

fiber bars, fresh fruit, HB eggs, carrot sticks etc. If you can get up and go outside, you can go have a 3 minute snack in the break room.

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8/20/13 1:05 A

Doodling. I would suggest having a piece of paper and pen and doodling, jotting notes, making gratefulness lists, making lists of the fun things you want to do when you reach your goal weight, etc. I encourage adhering to regularly scheduled snacks/meals over mindless snacking.

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8/19/13 10:31 P

Tomorrow I am going into day two of an all day meeting. During the meeting we are sitting and it does become hard to stay awake so people start snacking. Any suggestions on good snacks? Today there were pretzels and M&Ms. I did try to stay away from the M&Ms. For tomorrow I am going to bring some dried peaches and strawberries and some dark chocolate covered almonds. Any other suggestions? I did get to go out side and walk around the building on the break.

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