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In addition to turning of meal plans and inputting your own meals instead, you can also create meal groups which can make that easier if you often eat the same meals. For example, your oatmeal and fruit can be a single entry under food groups that you can quickly add to the meal tracker. Recipes can be added for things like family recipes that you make the same way every time. These can all make it easier to track your food.

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Turn off your SP meal plans. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.
Then develop your own. Make sure they fit with your calorie range and protein, fat and carbs.

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I have a hard time shopping for the reccomended menus. When I was a kid our menu was laid out the same way every day - for the week. For example, Monday was oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, lunch was PB&J with chips and an apple, dinner was meatloaf with green beans and green rice (a family recipe).

What I want to do is devize a 7-day plan for all meals and just repeat it 52X for the year. How do I do that?

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