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PEANUT-M-MS Posts: 369
8/5/14 2:31 P

Thank you. I'll give it a try. I have to back track to yesterday's Start page first and see if I can put them in my favorites. I've never been able to work the Pinterest. I can't even seem to get there when I go to their website. One of these days I'll take a computer course that will let me do a better job with sites like that.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 60,891
8/4/14 1:27 P

I agree it would be good to add these to your Favorites if you want to go back later and read them.

Coach Jen

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8/4/14 12:20 P

For anything I want to read later, I put it on my Pinterest. I think Spark also has an "add to favourites" option, although I haven't used it for years.

PEANUT-M-MS Posts: 369
8/4/14 11:49 A

The site picked for today on SP was so packed full of great information and things to do (or try) that I just wanted to spend the whole day checking out all the places for reading articles and watching videos. There's just not time enough. Each of the 7 workouts would be worth placing on the start page so we could look at each in more depth. Would that be possible?

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