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7 Days of Sticking to the Fast Break Phase!

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Posts: 1
9/20/12 8:06 A

Congrats! emoticon

Posts: 1,389
9/20/12 8:06 A

Congrats. Keep up the great work.

SparkPoints: (5,018)
Fitness Minutes: (7,324)
Posts: 58
9/20/12 8:03 A

Well done and awesome stuff!

Keep doing what you are doing and you will succeed!!!!!!!

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Posts: 1
9/20/12 8:00 A

congrats.. great work .. your doing so well.. :)

SparkPoints: (2,714)
Fitness Minutes: (634)
Posts: 74
9/20/12 7:57 A

Excellent!! So proud of you!

SparkPoints: (43)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
9/20/12 7:57 A

I am impressed with your goals, I am going to use them to set my own small goals. emoticon

Posts: 5,369
9/20/12 7:56 A

This is your time!

Posts: 22,821
9/20/12 7:55 A

Sounds like a "great" plan - I really like this. This will truly help see you to your goal.

Posts: 1,361
9/20/12 7:54 A

Good job! Baby steps and you'll go far!

SparkPoints: (220)
Fitness Minutes: (360)
Posts: 1
9/20/12 7:52 A

I know how tough this can be. You should be so very proud of yourself! I'm cheering for you!

SparkPoints: (2,160)
Fitness Minutes: (2,952)
Posts: 11
9/20/12 7:51 A

Fantastic!! well done, you are rightly proud of yourself and are succeeding!!! Keep going :-) emoticon

SparkPoints: (107,271)
Fitness Minutes: (96,903)
Posts: 3,795
9/20/12 7:51 A

One step at a time. You go girl!

SparkPoints: (40,966)
Fitness Minutes: (69,638)
Posts: 4,450
9/20/12 7:50 A

Way to go! Keep up the great job! emoticon

SparkPoints: (3,962)
Fitness Minutes: (4,660)
Posts: 11
9/20/12 7:50 A

Good Job! Your post is most inspiring!

SparkPoints: (106,199)
Fitness Minutes: (72,846)
Posts: 1,708
9/20/12 7:47 A

Keep up the good work and you will see lasting results! Yeah for you! emoticon

Posts: 70
9/20/12 7:47 A

That is so awesome, I like when I do a to do list and every day include some small but manageable chores which also include simply the word exercise
some times i can do 45 mins other times im lucky to squeeze in 10 mins but knowing its on my list, and i can do whatever i need to do works for me

Posts: 14
9/20/12 7:46 A

Way to go. emoticon

SparkPoints: (160,005)
Fitness Minutes: (150,967)
Posts: 12,078
9/20/12 7:45 A

YAY - doesn't it feel GOOD? I've been doing some of those things (water, freggies) for so long they are as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth, but even after two years of sparking I was still struggling with regular strength training. Then a few weeks ago I read a blog by another sparker who is STREAKING - with healthy goals.

It was like a light bulb went off in my head - that's how I can make ST a habit!! For the last 16 days I've been doing upper body one day, lower body the next and core the third. Then starting over!! My streak is for 9 sets of reps but most days now I do more - and its getting EASIER!! Why did it take me so long to figure it out? Don't know, but I've got it now!!

Best of luck to you - you've got it too!! emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (13,220)
Fitness Minutes: (15,017)
Posts: 107
9/20/12 7:44 A

Good techniques! I will try to remember them every day.

SparkPoints: (9,863)
Fitness Minutes: (11,280)
Posts: 5
9/20/12 7:42 A

One day at a time, one step st a time. Good luck, success is in your reach.

Posts: 1
9/20/12 7:37 A

Way to go!! That inspired me to set small goals and get started.

SparkPoints: (88,444)
Fitness Minutes: (53,868)
Posts: 3,150
9/20/12 7:36 A


SparkPoints: (31,458)
Fitness Minutes: (9,133)
Posts: 718
9/20/12 7:35 A

Good for you! That is exactly how it's done -- one step at a time, preparing yourself for the next, more challenging, goal. What an amazing journey we Sparkers are on.

Posts: 5,216
9/20/12 7:34 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 504
9/20/12 7:34 A

Sounds so simple...but we all know how difficult it really is. Congratulations for recognizing the need for small goals and working towards achieving them. Keep up the good work!

SparkPoints: (46,335)
Fitness Minutes: (14,981)
Posts: 343
9/20/12 7:24 A

Congrat's to you. You sound like your moving forward. Great for you. Keep it going, you will succeed.
emoticon emoticon

Posts: 5,526
9/20/12 7:23 A

Nice job! You are doing exactly what you need to do. One step at a time which is actually quite challenging in our current era of frustration because the computer takes a minute to boot up instead of 30 seconds. Keep up the good work.

Posts: 8
9/20/12 7:23 A

Yeah for you !

SparkPoints: (5,870)
Fitness Minutes: (9,465)
Posts: 313
9/20/12 7:16 A

Congratz lil steps turn into big steps right before ur eyes

Enjoy your journey

SparkPoints: (6,584)
Fitness Minutes: (3,320)
Posts: 65
9/20/12 7:11 A

good for you!!! you can do it, one small goal at a time!!

SparkPoints: (34,521)
Fitness Minutes: (12,088)
Posts: 970
9/20/12 7:08 A

All seems so seemingly simple. But we all know these small steps are the key to success. I will write the in my work planner too. Thanks for the idea and inspiration. emoticon

Posts: 12
9/20/12 6:58 A

I always tell people I coach that you have to walk before you run. That statement is true for any kind of change. I'm proud of you for walking, and I can't wait to see you run. Enjoy your journey! Carrie

SparkPoints: (191,442)
Fitness Minutes: (73,512)
Posts: 9,261
9/20/12 6:48 A


SparkPoints: (245,372)
Fitness Minutes: (173,715)
Posts: 14,787
9/20/12 6:42 A

Day at a time

Posts: 3,208
9/20/12 6:39 A

You go, girl!!


Posts: 2,515
9/20/12 6:37 A

Sounds like you are right on track. Keep up the good work.

SparkPoints: (27,996)
Fitness Minutes: (6,287)
Posts: 2,445
9/20/12 6:31 A

Fantastic start. A good start is always great!

Posts: 1
9/20/12 6:27 A

Inspiration to me!

Posts: 4,583
9/20/12 6:12 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Just take it 1 day at a time and do not worry about being perfect

Posts: 2,896
9/20/12 6:12 A

Keep it up, you are doing so so great!

Posts: 10
9/20/12 6:11 A

Congratulations! Keep up the good work. emoticon

Posts: 193
9/20/12 5:52 A

Good for you! Sticking to your routines just develop strong life time habits. You can do it! Have a great day and keep going! emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (4,819)
Fitness Minutes: (1,560)
Posts: 262
9/20/12 5:47 A

Great work!

Posts: 33
9/20/12 5:14 A

emoticon Congrats! Sounds like you are right on track. Keep up the good work.

SparkPoints: (12,852)
Fitness Minutes: (2,384)
Posts: 534
9/20/12 1:08 A


SparkPoints: (2,021)
Fitness Minutes: (3,233)
Posts: 101
8/30/12 1:20 A

good job! ...what is fast break?

Posts: 1,162
8/29/12 5:11 P

You are really on top of it! emoticon What a great start - keep it up and you'll be emoticon before you know it!

SparkPoints: (107,077)
Fitness Minutes: (69,694)
Posts: 3,785
8/29/12 3:32 P


Posts: 447
8/29/12 12:59 P

The fast break is great, it really gets you off to a great start. Keep it up!

SparkPoints: (3,422)
Fitness Minutes: (1,045)
Posts: 106
8/29/12 12:46 P

It's day 7 for me of sticking to the fast break phase! It's the first time I've done stage one properly, just setting small goals and meeting them and preparing myself for a lifetime of healthy habits, instead of undertaking "perfect" eating, huge fitness challenges, and quitting when I can't keep up with such overwhelming changes.

It hasn't been perfect, I have slipped up on some of my smaller goals, but I've successfully:
Drank a huge glass of water every morning for 7 days, which is cructial to me working out efficiently
Worked out at least 10 minutes a day each day this week
Kept my surroundings clean, organized, and manageable which keeps my stress and stress-eating habits away
Posted my goals every single day in my planner and met them!

I feel good. And stronger. And now it's time for me to go work out. =]

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