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VAMOMMA4 Posts: 13
7/13/11 11:25 A

Keep it up. You will love who you become!
emoticon emoticon

VAMOMMA4 Posts: 13
7/13/11 11:23 A

That is amazing. You are really strong mentally to keep up with yourself. You are right, there is no magic pill. You will probably keep this weight off long after the fad diet people have regained.
Congrats and keep it up!

GOING-STRONG Posts: 6,985
7/13/11 12:42 A

I'm in awe! Keep on sparkin!

PRAIRIECROCUS SparkPoints: (483,431)
Fitness Minutes: (217,850)
Posts: 56,390
7/12/11 11:42 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

JILFINA1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (50)
Posts: 1
7/12/11 10:24 P

I'm just starting and trying to get motivated to exercise. I found your story motivating.

THEBOOSH Posts: 36
7/12/11 10:07 P

Congrats!! emoticon

HUGS2015 Posts: 8,696
7/12/11 8:29 P

emoticon emoticon

2BFREE2LIVE SparkPoints: (425,755)
Fitness Minutes: (449,905)
Posts: 17,668
7/12/11 7:57 P

emoticon On your weight loss. Keep enjoying eating healthy foods.

TONISTRELEC Posts: 2,738
7/12/11 9:17 A


SLM1988J SparkPoints: (7,654)
Fitness Minutes: (4,711)
Posts: 70
7/12/11 3:10 A

Great... thanks for the motivation emoticon

EELS4PEELS Posts: 1,299
7/11/11 9:11 P

Thanks you Guys!! emoticon

DAVEINSEOUL SparkPoints: (37,178)
Fitness Minutes: (55,975)
Posts: 1,113
7/11/11 9:06 P

Great Job! Keep up the good work!

BRONXBOSSLADY SparkPoints: (8,088)
Fitness Minutes: (3,794)
Posts: 227
7/11/11 6:20 P

Congratulations!!!! emoticon emoticon

CGSSTHIN Posts: 46
7/11/11 4:12 P

That is so good! 69lbs in half a year is insane! Way to go!

TEERIFIC Posts: 1,065
7/11/11 4:01 P


SUECHRIS50 SparkPoints: (72,085)
Fitness Minutes: (62,517)
Posts: 3,243
7/11/11 3:45 P

You just keep on going girl!!! emoticon

MIS2101 Posts: 4,000
7/11/11 3:11 P

emoticon emoticon

ELISELOVE1 Posts: 6,342
7/11/11 2:29 P


BIG_BEAR73 Posts: 1,672
7/11/11 2:22 P

WOO HOO way to go, I have lost 61, it feels so good, and now my old clothes are to big, woo hoo

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EELS4PEELS Posts: 1,299
7/11/11 12:56 P

I never in a million years thought that doing something as simple as eating healthier and exercising more could bring results like I have seen. Any time you see people on TV talking about how much weight they have lost there's always some magic pill they took or some magic exercise equipment that they used or some special deliver at home meal system. Well guess what? I haven't done any of these things and I have still lost 69 pounds!! Not that anyone who uses these systems are wrong or anything. Whatever is good for you is good for you! I eat healthier, feel better, get more sleep, and exercise like there's no tomorrow and I still find myself smiling and laughing and enjoying my life. When I first started this on the first of this year if you would have told me that I would be 69 pounds lighter by July 11, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. But as crazy as it seems if you give yourself the chance you can do amazing things! It's not over yet and I know that tough times are to come, but right at this very moment I want to celebrate my feet having 69 less pounds to lug around. Thanks for all of the support SP! Could not have done it without you!

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