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4/11/13 5:35 A

61 year old here. I do Curves circuit for 30 minutes a day and I walk 30+ minutes a day for cardio and weight bearing (for bone density health). And I am a person who has NEVER exercised. I started this routine about 7 months ago and am still keeping faithful 5 days a week at Curves and 6 days a week walking. Will point out that I have no health issues unless being a natural slug counts......

4/10/13 10:24 P

I'm 61 and do the treadmill. I do interval training by starting out at 2.5 for 2 minutes, then increase speed and incline every 2 minutes. When I get to the point that I am sweating and it's hard to talk, I stay for 2 minutes, then take it back down to 2.5 then gradually increase again. I do this for 30 minutes.

I also use the Bollywood videos here on Sparkpeople.

I have a dog that needs walking, and grandchildren that love to dance.

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4/10/13 6:46 P

Hi Pam,

Have you been cleared by your doctor to begin an exercise program? Does he/she have any exercise restrictions for you due to your arthritis? Walking is a great exercise--as for strength training, that will depend on the severity of your arthritis and the joints involved. You may need to see what your doc says.

Coach Nancy

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4/10/13 6:14 P

I want to lose weight and I work out every day, but mostly I'm on the treadmill at 3.5 (that's fast for me...I do have arthritis in my knee) and sometimes leg presses and the bicycle. Any suggestions? I'm following the diet and have always been able to lose weight pretty easily. Of course...age matters.

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