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6/13/09 6:57 P

Good luck trying that. I have to be honest and say I don't like eating that much thru out the day I find I want to eat more that way so I just have 3 meals a day if on the odd day I do feel I want something more I usually have a carrot stick or two. I never eat after my evening meal cause I am just not hungry, and we eat our evening meal early.

KELLEA927 Posts: 411
6/13/09 2:43 P

I decided this morning to try this 5-6 small meals a day to see how it makes me feel. MANY people swear by it. Also, if you look at naturally thin people they are usually always eating! LOL It may just be a few bites here and there but they eat regularly. I think a lot of us get sucked into todays protion sizes and have gotten used to eating until we are stuffed and then being able to hold off for hours before our next meal. But I don't think we were designed to do this. But then again we weren't made for processed foods either.

I've decided to try the 5-6 small meals plan for a week and see what my body says. I'm hoping that at the least it will stop my grazing and night time eating habits. The key is SMALL meals though. :)

One day at a time....

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8/14/08 4:23 P

This is another endorsement for the 6 small meals a day. This plan keeps me full and satisfied, so I am not looking around for other things to eat. I plan out my day's menu the night before and enter it in the tracker - an example would be:
Breakfast 1 poached egg on toast
1 cup cantaloupe
a.m. snack: 1 rice cake w/1 tbs peanut butter
Lunch Large spinach salad with crab
p.m. snack; 1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese
dinner Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken on rice
(this is a Spark Recipe)
Small salad
Evening snack 2 graham crackers & serving fruit

Just take your daily calories & divide them up. Good Luck

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8/14/08 1:18 P

I confess that I haven't read everyone elses posts, so forgive me if this advice has already been offered. I eat 6 'meals' a day, but they are all small meals. If you are currently eating a larger breakfast, then it makes sense that you wouldn't be hungry between breakfst and dinner. I have these little snack-meals all the time, rather than larger meals less frequently. In fact, I keep a cooler next to my desk and I graze from it constantly. I never actually let myself get really hungry.

Today's breakfast was one boiled egg.
Morning Snack: Low sugar/low carb yogurt
Later morning snack: 1oz cheese
Lunch: Salad with chicken

late afternoon snack will probably be 1 oz cheese or 1 oz nuts
Dinner: not planned yet

I hope that helps!

Basically eat much smaller meals, but do it with increased frequency.

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8/14/08 9:27 A

Are you able to look at my meal plan for yesterday and tell me what you think?

EDAVIS4 Posts: 198
8/14/08 9:27 A

Thanks everyone.

I am trying it today.
I'll have snack around 10am, but keep it light.

It was just conflicting info I was receiving. I'd read to only eat when hungry, yet my trainer is telling me to eat six small meals a day, even if I am not feeling hungry.

I just didn't understand.

DRAMAQN Posts: 1,063
8/14/08 9:19 A

I eat six small meals a day and it works perfectly for me. I am a long distance runner, working out sometimes twice a day, so eating the six small meals keeps my metabolism and hunger at bay. It also keeps me from getting so hungry that I overindulge at dinner or start grazing.

The reason you may not be hungry for snacks during the day might be because you are eating regular sized meals. If you move to eating 6 times a day, your meals all have to be mini. For example a typical day for me would be:

B- 3/4 c cottage cheese, banana
S- 1/2 c grapes and 1 oz low fat cheddar
L- Luna bar and a light yogurt
S- 1 oz almonds
D- 3 oz grilled salmon, small sweet potato, small side salad
S- small apple with 1 tbsp peanut butter

Good luck!!

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8/14/08 8:56 A

How has this been doing for you? How long have you been with SP?

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8/14/08 8:53 A

I think you should eat when hungry. I typically eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack then dinner. If I don't eat a snack I do find myself gorging at dinner time. But if I'm not hungry for a snack, I don't eat it.

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8/14/08 8:51 A

I am as well struggling with this 6 meals a day. I thought I did pretty good yesterday eating all day and after dinner I realized that I was still short on calories for the day so I decided to have a serving of baked lays and some almonds to reach my count.

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8/14/08 3:08 A




If you go by the way side on an eating bing, just get up and start again. I always say I will be on a diet for the rest of my life because I love food. But since Spark People I can eat the right foods and not get out of control. Keep up the good work no matter what people say about you. Love yourself. Do it for yourself and no one else. This keep me going.
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8/13/08 9:35 P

I think I'm hypoglycemic. I need to eat! I find if I eat 6 meals a day, I'm constantly over my calorie ranges. But if I eat my three meals (really light lunch though) with a snack or two between, I'm better. Even if it's just a piece of string cheese (protein, 80 cal) or a handful of nuts, it's easier to get through my day without a hungry stomach. I also have a very active job (I'm a server), so a low-fat yogurt halfway through my shift is essential.

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8/13/08 8:58 P

I noticed in your food tracker that there are many days you are NOT meeting your calorie or protein needs. So you either need to add a snack or eat a little more at your other dinning episodes.
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8/13/08 5:42 P

I eat 6 smaller meals a day and it did take a while to get used to it. But eating breakfast was even a bigger adjustment. I really like it now though. It keeps your metobolism fueled and running evenly during the day. I also like not feeling so stuffed after eating 3 larger meals.

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8/13/08 4:09 P

I think that when you are really pushing oneself on the fitness schedule, it is helpful to increase the snacks; In addition, people with hypoglycemia are prone to obesity. It is recommended that they have small protein laden snacks between meals. I think that planning for snacks (& skipping them if not hungry) is preferable -- otherwise "grazing" is too, too tempting when hunger really takes over

EDAVIS4 Posts: 198
8/13/08 3:55 P

No, not training for anything. Just trying to slim (lose a few) and tone. With my three meals and a snack, I am meeting my range and needs.


UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
8/13/08 3:33 P

It depends on your training goals. What are you training for?

Four small meals a day is fine. "Eat when hungry" is what got a lot of us into this problem - a number of site members are just not hungry enough to eat more than 600 calories a day. They've trained their bodies over time to expect only that. So for them, "eat only when hungry" isn't helpful - their hunger signals are mixed up and need fixing.

So ... both are really fine, depending on your situation. If you're meeting your ranges already, there's not a lot of need to sneak that extra snack in.

You should ensure you are eating within two hours before, and after, your workout. But other than that, it's not that big of a deal.

Unless you're training to pack on the muscle. Then it's a whole different ball game.

Deb, in New Zealand
EDAVIS4 Posts: 198
8/13/08 1:12 P

In talking with my trainer this morning he told me I really should be eating six small meals a day. I've heard this before, but I've also heard not eat if I'm not hungry. My hunger times are breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner - so I eat healthy at those times - he told me to sneak in another snack between breakfast and lunch, and make sure it has protein.
BUT I am generally not hungry at that time. ..Do I force myself to eat a little something?
Why is this important?


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