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Forget your previous 5k time, that was when you were running more regularly. For this particular event, consider it an opportunity to set a time now, to improve upon in the near future for the next event after that. A baseline, if you will.

Don't kill yourself. If you need to walk some, do.

While Heather's right that if you're not consistently doing that distance now you won't magically do it in 2 weeks, you do find that "race day enthusiasm and atmosphere" pulls you through *some*. If you're able to run for 25 minutes now, you can probably complete the race fully at a run. If not, you'll probably walk some. That's okay - you're only setting a baseline.

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Please be very careful and listen to your body. When it comes to running consistency is so important and if you have not been consistently running since last May you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to an injury. You cannot rush the process to becoming a runner. It takes time. My advice, if you have not been running, walking will get you across the finish line come April when you have time to train consistently.

Coach Nancy

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If you're not already running 3.1 miles at a time, you're not going to magically be able to in 2 weeks, not without risking injury. I don't know what your current fitness level is now, so I can't say if it's possible for you or not.

Instead of aiming for something you may not be able to do (run the whole thing) aim to have fun. Train between now and then, and do your best, but understand that 5k training is not something you do is 2 weeks.

1/21/13 9:58 P

Yea so I registered for a 5k that's in 2 weeks (well like 2 and a half) in a swell of motivation but now I'm already nervous. I ran one last May in 33min but I was in MUCH better shape. I've only been casually running/walking maybe once or twice a week for the past month maybe after several months of lax-to-none exercise (which means I've gained at least 15 pounds since May too).
I figured it would give me motivation to improve my running, since my bigger goal is to run a 10k in April. I think I'm just psyching myself out, but I'm also worried I'm overestimating my abilities. I know that I don't want to walk the race.
Any advice?

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