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Well done!

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4/27/13 3:43 A


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What a great story.... I'm so happy for you and thank you for sharing. Keep up the great work and keep us updated! :)

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4/26/13 8:34 A

I have been on a 5lb stay hold for almost 5 months now... I would just hang within these 5lbs and it was just driving me insane... but this one, no matter what I did, it would not budge...

That is when I found sparks....with the help of sparks I am NOW, finally able to get below this!

3lbs lost since joining sparks, 2 more lbs to go and then I know I will make it to goal!!! I want to loose another 30 to the finish line..... I am so excited I can not stand it..
It was my goal to be out of this 5lb difference by the time we moved on may 13th. By 2 lbs?? I can do this.

I have lost a total of 4inches since using sparks food tracker and recipes. I have yet to find one recipe that we do not like. My family has no clue its even healthy for them they just know it tastes good LOLOL

I broke it by upping my calories, eating more protein, and changing up my food for dinners.
I always ate the same things and who would have known that eating the same things would put you on hold like this?


I was getting so discouraged, but have realized its just a part of making my body better and it takes time for your body to adjust.. It adjusted 4 other plateaus times before.. this one was a major overhaul adjustment.

My thing to all of you all I have to say is this
BELIEVE, NEVER STOP AND KEEP GOING! Don't let one bad eating day stop you, recognize it, get back on track and move...

Have a wonderful week everyone.. this energy is amazing!

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