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RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
7/3/13 10:35 A

emoticon Hope you have a healthy & safe 4th of July.
Back when I was a kid, we'd enjoy fried chicken and grandma's home made bread. YUM.
I can still smell it when I close my eyes.


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8/28/12 8:59 A

I can remember my brother and me "helping" my mom make bread. She always used the same bowl to let the dough rise. I now have that bowl and use it when I make bread or pizza dough.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
8/27/12 5:49 P

My mother was a terrific and very adventurous cook - I wish I had learned more of her techniques before she passed away at a young age.

She made all of the bread for our household, as well as all of our jams and jellies. We never, ever used mixes until much later, and then only for the occasional cake. This was all in the days before slow cookers, bread machines, Cuisinarts, etc. She made it all look easy and it was certainly tasty, healthy and varied. I know she did it on a pretty tight budget as well.

Both my grandmothers were talented cooks as well. Me, not so much. I'm fine with baking but the rest of it's rather hit or miss, I'm afraid. Fortunately, my husband's very tolerant of simple meals, and a big help with holidays, when more is expected.

8/27/12 1:47 P

Salmon patties, made from canned salmon and cracker crumbs.

8/27/12 1:45 P

We had potato pancakes.

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8/27/12 1:43 P

I guess other things would be cabbage with rice stuffing, that might be fairly low in calories

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8/27/12 1:39 P

I was born in Eastern Europe, where in the 50s there were more food shortages than in America for example. My mum used to make things like onions friend with cooked pasta and lots of paprika, then it was all mixed with mashed potato, still in the frying pan, and served with pickled beets. Very simple, and I still make it sometimes. Not sure what the calorie count would be though

TATTER3 SparkPoints: (318,447)
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8/27/12 6:07 A

Same here...but it will never be cheap anymore. I remember baked chicken, greens, brown or navy bean soup or mixed, cornbread, ...we were southern you see!

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8/26/12 3:47 P

I was born in the 50's, and remember my mother cooking healthy, inexpensive, tasty meals, and I am interested to share recipes, tips, with others from the same era.. With rising food, energy prices, this may be timely for most of us!

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