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4/15/13 12:23 P

Call your local TV station, they are usually glad to assist you in getting help that is free. They will most likely want to air your story, and there is no embarrasment in wanting to lose the weight and get healthy, so do not let that stop you. Sometimes the station will call the fire department to assist you in gettting to a doctor who is willing to help you for free.

Just an idea....

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4/15/13 12:23 P

Call around clinics, hospitals, family services, explain your situation and find out if a doctor is willing to do a home visit. Perhaps something could be worked out, such as you being used in progress advertisments for a doctor that works/specializes in weight loss clinic. I agree with the others about tracking your food, just write down everything you eat and how much. Doing this will be good not only for yourself, but give a doctor some insight into the type/amount of foods your eating. I can't tell you how to change your diet since there is no mention of any pre-existing conditions or allergies. A doctor needs to examine you first. Exercise is about moving, can you do something to move more. swing your arms, wiggle a foot, clap your hands, anything to burn calories. Exercise doesn't need to be strenous, its about moving. You Can Lose! Its not about Luck, its about the motivation, willpower, and a new chance at life. Just don't "beat" yourself up along the weight loss journeyYou can Do this!

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4/15/13 11:47 A

I agree with other posters. Call your local department of children and families to fill out an application. In most states, you can fill it out online and not have to go anywhere. They generally provide transportation, and if not, you can find a program to help you with that as well. In addition, if you have no income, you probably even qualify for food stamps as well, in which will help you to develop a more healthy lifestyle.

What state do you live in? I can try to look it up for you and find you some websites and phone numbers.

You absolutely CAN do this and you make a commendable start by reaching out on SP. I would start by using SP guidelines on how many cals you should be eating.

We all start somewhere. Let me know if you want me to do some research on your state to find out guidelines, qualifications and such; I will be more than happy to help out!!

God bless you!

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4/15/13 11:35 A

First, you did something amazing by reaching out. That right there is your first step on your journey.

Second, I agree with what others have said, by tracking what you eat. If someone is bringing you your food, make small changes in what is brought. Instead of chips, get some carrots, celery, even pretzels. Nuts like raw almonds mixed with dried cranbereries are a favorite snack of mine.

I know you are limited in your mobility, but I saw this on one of those TLC shows about obesity. Just start by moving your arms. do arm circles, if you can ge a hold of a couple of soup cans use those as weights and do bicep curls.

YOU Can do this!

4/15/13 11:03 A

I agree with what others have said...
If possible do meet with your doctor for a physical to assure that you can start a walking program, that labs are all OK, medication dosages are appropriate, etc.

There is "no" need to feel that you need a very low calorie, medically supervised diet. to achieve weight loss.

However, it is important to determine an accurate weight loss calorie range. For folks who have a greater amount to lose, our Sparkpeople formulas do not work well. You will receive a calorie range that is too large. But we can help...

1. Do you have any idea of your current daily calorie intake?
2. If you share your height and current daily activity and planned exercise---I think I can help more.
3. Because of your weight, it is safe for you to lose more than the standard 1-2 pounds weekly. In fact, you can safely lose up to 1% of your weight weekly. For you this would be up to 6 pounds weekly. In the beginning you may even see a slightly faster weight loss.
So the key is to get you started with measuring your foods, and tracking in your nutrition tracker.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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4/14/13 7:46 P

I do believe you'd get my vote for Most Inspirational this week (if they had such a thing!) emoticon

So glad you've found this site, and are willing to make changes in your life. There are some really great Blogs on this site about how others in close to your situation have succeeded. You can search topics on the Message Boards to link up with some of them. I'm sure they would gladly share with you. Consider reaching out to the Spark Coaches too.

Take care, and follow the wise advice from the folks who have been around here for awhile. Will be thinking of you,

PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
4/14/13 7:23 P

I have issues as well like transpertation and i have a lot of fears. I leave the house once per week on average. Where i live you can get an application from medicaid online and mail it and all info back in with a note requesting a phone interview just explain why. I simply tell them i have no transpertation and am unable to walk to the bus stop both true for mr so if your upfront. they will usually help you.

4/13/13 2:59 P

First, I am very, very glad you are reaching out for help and advice. emoticon That is a step in the direction of moving to health. I am not going to take you at your word that you can't access medical care. If nothing else write
Margaret Flowers, MD
(312) 782-6006 or one of the other fellows of the Website:
E-mail: (even though that might not be your state)

to get you steered on the right path. You (as do I) suffer from morbid obesity, a serious medical condition. I don't know if you're housebound from agoraphobia or because of structural issues of your dwelling and movement but you should probably get a wellness check from social services, for safety/fire escape purposes if nothing else.

I think the only step I feel comfortable advising you about towards weight loss other than to seek medical help, is to keep a food journal. Here is a link:

though I use the SparkPeopleNutrition Tracker now. More knowledge will lead to better information on what to do next. Congratulations on landing here at SparkPeople! emoticon It has helped me with fitness and jobhunting and some family stress. My 2 main SparkPeople Teams are "100+pounds in a year" and Fit & Organized if you want to visit me on those Team pages. I hope you follow through with most of us here's advice to reach out to get medical supervision and that you keep coming back to this site. It really does work, no matter how low we start. emoticon

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4/13/13 1:35 P

small changes can make a HUGE difference.
I KNOW you can do this!!
I read here YEARS ago that someone just started walking in place while watching TV. even if its only during the commercials. After a lot of work, she ended up losing 200+ lbs.
Just moving your arms while sitting or laying down can help. There was a guy on Biggest loser one year that could not do extreme workouts (medical staff prohibited him from doing it), and he just sat and did "shadow boxing" and he lost the most weight that week.


ANARIE Posts: 13,184
4/13/13 1:11 P

I agree with everything that's been said about seeking out medical help. It is available, there are ways, yadda yadda.


I ignored the "consult with a doctor" statements when I started my weight loss program. You *should* see a doctor just because you're not in good health. But you don't need a doctor's permission to do the first things that will get you started toward healthy weight loss. The first step is to track what you eat so you know how many calories you're getting now. You don't need a doctor's advice on that; just start using the food tracker here. The second step is to quit or cut back on foods you know are junk, and start eating more of things you know are healthy. You don't need a doctor's permission to cut back on soda, alcohol, chips, candy, and so on, or to eat more veggies and fruit. At your size, just eating less junk food and avoiding empty liquid calories will mean losing a couple of pounds a week.

You can get more help from members here if you're willing to answer a few kind of personal questions, but don't feel obligated. It would be helpful to us to know how you're getting food right now. You say you're pretty much home-bound; who brings you groceries? Are they willing to change what they bring you? What kinds of things do you eat? Do you drink alcohol, and if so, how much? (Cutting that will be a huge boon to both your health and your finances, BUT if you drink a lot, you DO need medical advice on how to quit-- going cold turkey could be dangerous or at least very unpleasant. But I'm sure that AA has online resources that could help.)

I have one other piece of advice that seems trivial but I think is important:
Change your user name. Attitude is important. I'm not going to go all self-helpy Oprah-fied, "Oh, you have to looove yourself!", but you do have to have some basic respect for yourself. You're about to start doing one of the hardest jobs anyone can do in their life, and you need a little internal support. Never call yourself a name that you wouldn't call someone else in your same position. Imagine that you have a niece or nephew who's in exactly the same situation you're in. How would you treat him/her? What would you say to try to make him/her feel at least a little better? Those are the things you should be doing for yourself-- treat yourself at least as well as you would treat a family member. If somebody called your niece "Slobeast," you'd probably make them stop, right?

DIANE7786 Posts: 4,898
4/13/13 11:02 A

emoticon Take a positive attitude while searching for help. Asking for help is a great first step. Don’t assume barriers that you don’t know exist. Those who work with overweight people know what you need. Previous posters offered good ideas for finding help. You might also consider contacting Richard Simmons, Dr Oz, Biggest Loser and others known for helping overweight people to lose weight. Don’t give up. In the meantime do what you can to help yourself. Sparks offers a lot of great information. It might help to use the trackers so you can show that you are serious about getting in shape. emoticon emoticon

ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,953
4/13/13 10:51 A

There is a Spark member by the name of ~INDYGIRL . She is very motivational. Please consider reaching out her. I agree with DG that embarking on a VLC liquid diet is not safe without guidance from a provider.There are many free resources on this website. You may be able to get started by using the menus here with some modification. You have taken the first steps by reaching out. Stay with us we can support you. You are never alone here with us. Take care. Remember make slow sustainable changes until you can get some assistance. Take care.


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4/13/13 10:33 A

I believe in you! While keeping your eyes open for practical medical care (it will happen for you. Keep looking) I think making healthy substitutions in a gradual way is safe. For instance, this week, if you drink soda, you could substitute water once a day. And next week do it twice a day. Or substituting fresh fruit for cake/cookie type foods. I know that you will be able to slowly, but surely lose enough weight to leave the house, with small changes! As for exercise, walking is wonderful for all of us. Even if you can only walk part way across a room at first, do it every day, and you'll become more fit. You are brave and you can heal!

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
4/13/13 10:31 A

As DC said, medical supervision isn't impossible, probable just hard to find. Where I work, we deal with medicaid and medicare a LOT. It can take a bit of time to get it set up, but Medicaid is healthcare and it is cheap. In many states you can look it up online and apply online (or at least get started).

In the mean time, start with your eating habits. Track what you normally eat for a week- Don't make any changes at all. See where you stand based on your numbers for calories, fat, protein, carbs, salt, etc. Then you can start making changes. Things like replacing refined white carbs (like bread) with whole grains. Including more whole vegetables and fruits rather than processed (like frozen meals or pizza) and getting lean proteins rather than fatty or processed (chicken breast and lean pork vs dark meat with skin and bacon).

Try not to have an all or nothing mentality, too. It is tempting to go into a healthy lifestyle change and decide that you have to loose X number of lbs or inches in Y amount of time, then when you don't, you give up. Don't give up! Weight loss and healthy living is like life- There are ups and downs, good times, bad times, and in-between times. Keep going and don't let that one bad day make you give up on all you have or are hoping to accomplish.

Best of luck!

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4/13/13 10:25 A

I definitely understand the frustrations of being a shut-in... do check into programs, a lot of them offer transportation, and given your situation, you may very well qualify for in-home care.

After all, if you never try, you'll never find help! Remember that the price of not seeking help is much, much higher than the price of getting it.

Focus on losing 10 lbs. You can do that! Don't worry about the 500. Just aim for the next 10 lbs.

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4/13/13 10:11 A

Thank you very much dragon for taking the time to reply. I do understand what you are saying about the free medical care but that is not really an option I can pursue because of travel problems. I do not have a vehicle that I can fit in currently and as I said, I have been a total recluse for 3 years, so the thought of going to a free clinic, to wait (in chairs I can't fit in and I can't stand for more than a minute at a time maximum) is all but impossible for me.

If there was some kind of medical care I could get at home, with no income, I would be open to it, but that seems to be extremely difficult to find.

I will begin tracking my food intake starting today as you suggested and then try to work out healthier options as I go. I just want to change my life. I am only 25 and still have the desire to live!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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4/13/13 9:11 A

Very low calorie diets and liquid diets can't really be safe without proper medical supervision. If a doctor's not an option, neither are those.

If you have no income, then you should be able to find medical programs to help you with this; you need to seek them out! There are state programs, free clinics, etc; Call your local 211 hotline and see what can be found. (I'm assuming you're in the states. Please let us know if you're not, there are members who can help you depending on where you are.) Medicaid, disability, start there, and keep reaching out. There are options.

They can be hard to find if you don't know where to look, but there are resources. I am uninsured, and so is my husband, but he's on a program that takes care of his medication and psychiatric needs free of charge.

When it comes down to it, losing weight is the same no matter what size you are; eat less than you burn. Start by tracking what you're eating now... don't worry about "dieting" - track for a week, and see how much you're eating. Then you can start making changes to gradually reduce this amount until you are at a calorie deficit. At your size, you burn a LOT! Safe guidelines for most people are 1-2 lbs per week. You can safely lose more than this per week, but it's going to take time.

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4/13/13 8:29 A

Hello everyone. I am in need of some major help and I have a somewhat unique set of obstacles. My goal is to lose A LOT of weight. I currently weight over 650 lbs. The problem I am having is that everything I read about doing so tells me that I need medical supervision due to the extreme weight. That is, however, impossible for me at this time. I have no income whatsoever and no health insurance. I also have been a recluse for over 3 years and am unable to travel easily.

My question is, what is the safest way for me to go about losing this much weight without having the proper medical support? I was looking at some very low calorie diets/some liquid based diets that are crafted for the super obese and was wondering what the effects might be.

Thank you in advance!

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