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MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
7/27/10 1:59 A

Well 500kcal is too little isn't it?

So if your friends go back to their original diet they would put back more than they used to weigh?

KIMMY_LEE Posts: 5
7/27/10 1:52 A

Spark needs to ban the HCG groups and any other group that encourages people to eat 500 calories a day! Most reasonable weight loss plans say that your body needs to take in at least 1,200 calories a day to function.

The HCG groups kick people off for trying to show their members articles with scientific and medical evidence of why they might want to select a better diet. The moderators are FANATICS! No matter how hungry or weak people feel, they "encourage" them to keep on starving themselves because of a stupid "protocol" a supposed doctor wrote over 50 years ago.

They accuse people of being negative when they encourage people to get off that unproven theory of the HCG plan and eat healthy!

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,403
7/15/10 10:47 P

That isn't a good diet.

I can't believe there are doctors that prescribe this diet. Quacks more like it.

CINDYA1962 Posts: 1,153
7/15/10 8:32 P

Sounds to me like they are learning to have an eating disorder. Honestly, the things women will do to lose weight!

GARYJAN SparkPoints: (14,711)
Fitness Minutes: (1,270)
Posts: 539
7/15/10 5:41 P

Great reponse ANARIE I couldn't agree with you more! emoticon

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
Fitness Minutes: (4,362)
Posts: 3,171
7/15/10 5:03 P

The members of the HCG "Support" group report people who disagree with them or are discouraging:

"Spark has RULES of encouragement, and they do not tolerate DISCOURAGEMENT of this type. I will contact again if anyone feels like its necessary. No problem for me...just another trying to "rain on others parades," so to speak."

The question remains, Why are these groups allowed on Sparks?

J40IN7 Posts: 258
7/15/10 3:24 P

Taken straight from the Sparkpeople website:

"Step #10: For Your Health and Safety

The SparkPeople program will NOT allow any female to eat less than 1,200 calories daily or any male to eat less than 1,500 calories daily.

When calories drop too low (usually below 1,200 calories for women and 1,500 calories for men), your body’s protection mechanism switches on because the body thinks it is starving. In order to conserve energy, the body lowers your metabolism and you will not burn calories as quickly. This results in a slower weight loss rate, or sometimes prohibits any weight loss from occurring.

At SparkPeople we call this “Starvation Mode”. When your caloric intake falls below these levels, it is also extremely difficult to obtain all the nutrients that your body needs for health and survival. These very low calorie intakes can also lead to other health problems such as eating disorders, gout, gallstones, and heart complications. "

7/15/10 2:54 P

Now why the F would anyone want to "buy" the pregnancy hormone (HCG)??? does anyone realize that the body produces this hormone when you become pregnant, and your body is not supposed to be injected with it when your are NOT pregnant? How stupid is that???
Theres a reason its only present when your pregnant, ITS MEANT FOR PREGNANCY PURPOSES ONLY!

7/15/10 2:33 P

I agree, not a good idea. It will most likely reset their metabolism, so they will gain even more weight when they go back to eating!

You watch, in 3-6 months when you have sensibly lost weight, they will be bigger than when they started the fad diet!

REDDOGMOM SparkPoints: (21,454)
Fitness Minutes: (8,569)
Posts: 1,248
7/15/10 2:08 P

It'll no doubt work very well, until they start to eat again and gain all the weight back, plus more.

Seriously, I agree with everyone, it's not a good idea.

NATKITA Posts: 1,754
7/15/10 1:55 P

500 calories? How the heck is that teaching anyone how to eat in "moderation"? That is NOT moderation, it's STARVATION. I did that when I was younger. It was part of my whole binge-purge, binge-starve, binge-take pills, binge-exercise-until-you-faint cycle of insanity. No es bueno. Tell your friends to stop it. NOW.

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
Fitness Minutes: (4,362)
Posts: 3,171
7/15/10 1:24 P

There are 5 Sparks teams that support this diet and the VLCD. I know that obviously all teams can't be monitored but the Sparks HCG Support Team actually posts whole sections of Dr. Simeon's Protocol Book.

Sparks does not allow pro-anorexia or pro-bulimia teams (not that I would suggest they be allowed) why are these kinds of teams allowed to encourage each other to eat less than 500 calories and talk about how to legally get HCG?

When Sparks members point them to research this is how they responds:

Thank you for your well-intentioned warning. Rest assured that most of the people here have done a lot of research before embarking on this diet.

Why don't you go find some support boards for people who are grieving a loss and tell them to get on with their lives? Or people having problems with their kids and tell them to be consistent in discipline? Or people experiencing discrimination and tell them to redirect their anger towards self-improvement? The point is, if you aren't one of us, your opinion about what we should do doesn't matter so much.

So please, go away.

What makes their post any different than a post you would see in a pro-anorexia team?

EHLEIGHEN, Don't get too discouraged. It's normal to be really hungry the first week and that is definitely the hardest part about the diet. When you get really hungry try drinking a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and water and use some stevia to sweeten it a little. I'm not going to lie it is extremely gross, but it helps a lot of people. And try spreading your food out throught out the day. Maybe have a fruit in the morning for breakfast instead of with your lunch. And then have whatever fruit you would have with dinner for an afternoon snack =0) That's what helps me! And don't be too hard on yourself for cheating because a lot of us have done it. The important thing is that you jump back into it and do better the next time =0)

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SHERRYJVP Posts: 1,204
7/15/10 1:21 P

sounds stupid, dangerous, ineffective in the long run. Diets don't work and that extreme will only mess up metabolism and who knows what else. Encourage them to try healthier methods.

7/15/10 1:18 P

Sounds like a terrible idea to me. I've heard a woman needs at least 1200 calories a day. Otherwise you'd be starving yourself...sure you'd get used to it but then things like fatigue and muscle loss would occur after a bit. The body needs its nutrients to function...pretty much sounds like a starvation diet to me. Tell your friends to come onto this site and we'll advise them on how much of a bad idea that diet is.


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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
7/15/10 12:59 P

Unless your trying for a baby. HCG like steriods it should be considered doping and used with fad diet of 500 calories? The threads and teams supporting it should be banned..
There are teams on sparks whom encourage people to use this 500 calorie diet! I would be flipped if I had a daughter whom saw this on sparks and wanted my consent..
Sparks to me stands for common sense lifestyle change going no less that 1200 calories.. 500 calories is a fad diet- and is not sending a healthy common sense signal..
Remember alot of young teenagers and very impressionable young people use sparks- we want to keep sending them good fast strict healthy guide line rules signals and not just the freedom of speech- oh thats okay as long as we play nice double moral..
I hope more sports over baseball ban HCG.. Sadly when doctors find a good drug for a much needed area- some idiots abuse it for everyone else..

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7/15/10 12:44 P

I know when people are taking the HCG (the pregnancy hormone) for weightloss they have them on a 500 calorie diet. We had a friend who did this. It cost her $160 for a month...she lost the weight...then gained that and about 30 pounds back because she never changed her eating habits and her metabolism slowed down so much that her body was not able to get rid of the fat like it had before.

It is a very unhealthy way to loose weight. It is dangerous in and of itself and then the weight you gain back is the worst kind because it is usually around the tummy area which is the last place you want your weight to be.

RENIDAY1 SparkPoints: (16,111)
Fitness Minutes: (575)
Posts: 516
7/15/10 12:39 P

Not one person thought this was a good idea. Why? Because it isn't. Dangerous and won't teach you anything about how much to eat. You'll regret it if you do it.

BATCHICK SparkPoints: (57,718)
Fitness Minutes: (69,919)
Posts: 990
7/15/10 12:33 P

like many people responding i think this is a bad idea. sure, it may help you melt fat and lose some weight fast but if you don't change your eating habits to something you can really live with forever the progress will be temporary.

BNUSCIS Posts: 156
7/15/10 12:19 P

There's always some diet out there that entices people to do something crazy. 500 cals/day is simply crazy. All of the earlier posts nailed this one. It's impossible to get what the body needs on 500 calories. If they've been on several diets already then the problem is willpower and moderation! They don't seem to have either. Good luck to their health and you just keep making the healthy choices. It's a marathon...not a sprint!

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DARKANGEL062 Posts: 2,008
7/15/10 12:02 P

Isn't the rule you need to EAT to lose the weight. You did to fuel your body with food to lose. Eat the right foods and exercise. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

7/15/10 7:44 A

Wow thanks everyone for the responses. My friends are taking some kiod of HCG tablet along with the 500 calorie diet. I have warned them but they just want encouragement, they have tried so many different diets to lose weight. I have given them info on sparkpeople but so far they seem to be ignoring it.I definitly amsticking to SP, It has worked for me and it is healthier to lose it the right way. Hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Sparking!!!

SONYALATRECE SparkPoints: (99,160)
Fitness Minutes: (40,490)
Posts: 7,367
7/14/10 10:09 P

Nicely put, I would never limit myself to only 500 calorie diet...

7/14/10 8:49 P

Think about it this way:

In Soviet gulag prison camps, they fed their prisoners 1,300 calories per day.

Living on a little over a third of that isn't going to do wonders for your health.

7/14/10 4:55 P

It is impossible to get enough nutrients, not even enough fiber or protein on 500 cals, let alone all the vitamins you need.

XOSMILEXO23 Posts: 494
7/14/10 4:38 P

I did something like this once - it really backfired. Eating a healthy amount and dieting at the same time became almost impossible for me. I felt guilty when I ate over 1000 calories a day. :/

7/14/10 4:31 P

one word.....INSANITY!!!! emoticon

SUPERSMILE37 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,976)
Posts: 223
7/14/10 4:16 P

I have done a 750 calorie to 950 calorie diet through a doctor.

I lost 40 lbs (I was Morbidly obsese) and the min I went off of it I gained 20 lbs back. I am keeping off 10 before I started spark people.

Now eating about 1800 calories

DARLEY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (27,454)
Posts: 1,546
7/14/10 3:20 P

I think it's a horrible idea, unless you are going to need surgery in a week or will end up dieing next week because you of you weight, then you should ever do a 500 calorie diet regardless if your doctor says its okay.
I don't think it teaches a person anything at all.

7/14/10 10:20 A

Really bad idea--there is no way you could get enough nutrients every day, even if you took a vitamin.

ERINLINDSAY83 Posts: 14,076
7/14/10 10:16 A

You'd lose muscle tissue, not fat. it's bad for you. It's called anorexia. Whether they call it a "diet plan" or's considered anorexia. They are hurting their bodies and hindering their weight loss efforts.

ERINEC11 Posts: 603
7/14/10 8:49 A

I don't think you would be able to fuel your body to workout on 500 calories. So are they trying to exercise too? without knowing the details, it really doesn't sound like a good idea.

7/14/10 8:45 A

a lot of ppl as am i are doing the 500 cal HCG diet! i reccomend only doing this through a doctor! it is a safe method of melting fat quickly and resetting your metabolism!

AURORA629 Posts: 2,393
7/14/10 8:39 A

Assuming you still eat three meals a day, that would mean each meal would be about 166 calories each. That is nearly impossible to put together a decent menu on that.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,234
7/14/10 8:07 A

they sound like my aunts growing up. they lost about a hundred pounds a year, every year. every fad diet out there, they tried. thought every one of them worked too. and i guess according their standards [drop weight asap], they did. personally, i think that a diet doesn't work unless it teaches you a way to modify your eating habits so that you don't have to look for large losses again. in other words, it helps you keep it off or teaches you the skills that when you see the scale slipping upwards again, you cut back on a few calories and get it back down.

some people will spend their whole lives crash dieting like this. and you can't do anything about these friends. if they ask you what works for you, point out spark, but until they ask, you're not getting through past their results [even though they aren't looking long term at anything]. be the tortoise and stick to the slow and steady and maybe you'll get them to come around one day.

also, habits take weeks to change for most people. eating in moderation is the sort of habit that has so many angles to it, that each angle is going to be a different habit to break. you may be able to do one in three weeks, maybe 2 if you have a really strong will or find a great replacement habit, but all in one is unreasonable, though find a way to share that so it doesn't sound like you should keep doing 3 week stints of 500 cal days.

65TARGET Posts: 299
7/14/10 7:41 A

No way. It's like eating nothing daily!

TREE0164 Posts: 10
7/14/10 5:56 A

I did the Alternate day diet for 4 motnhs earlier this year-add 500 calories 3 days a week and then other days ate about 1800. It wasn't that bad and suposely not bad for your metabolism because you are not doing it multiple days in a row.


ASHBUG124 Posts: 752
7/14/10 4:46 A

I agree with everyone that is just too low to be on it for very long, it would set most people up for a binge.
The only way it could be done at all is to eat only low calorie vegetables like carrots, celery, broccoli, cucumbers, so at least you stayed somewhat full.
That being said, while I am not advocating such a low calorie diet for anyone I do agree that most people could use a lesson in moderation....there are young girls where I work that eat fast food every day and get hysterical if they don't eat lunch on time like "I am getting dizzy" and I really think someone like that needs to fast for a day or 2 to show them that no it won't kill them to go without a little food!! :)

CCBRAGA Posts: 329
7/14/10 3:38 A

While there are diets that can get rid of fat loss rapidly, they are at least over 1000 calories...500 calories is way too low, ESPECIALLY for three weeks.

Think about it...could you live off of a few slices of bread and a glass of milk? The answer is no.

7/14/10 2:12 A

Bad idea. It is another fad diet. What happens when you start eating more calories? You will gain the weight back and more. Your body will have gone into starvation mode and that is not good.

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
7/14/10 1:03 A

Is it even possible that you don't feel hungry with a 500kcal diet?

I mean for me I'm on a 1500kcal diet and I occasionally go over it because I don't feel full?

7/14/10 12:51 A

are they on the HCG diet. its a 500 calorie diet but you take these drops to help you. you do lose weight but when you come off of it you gain it right back.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
7/14/10 12:44 A

I think you should give them a nice dictionary so they can look up the word "moderation."

A diet that makes you eat 500 calories is like a defensive driving course that won't allow you to drive over 30 mph if you've had a speeding ticket. It trades one danger for another.

7/13/10 10:37 P

YIKES! That doesn't sound good to me either, and I am on what is considered a VLCD (very low calorie diet). I hope they have dr supervision at the very least.

That said, I do think the plan I'm following is helping me learn new eating habits. Eating every 2-3 hours is new to me, and it is helping me in that I'm never raid-the-fridge-gotta-eat-now-HUNGRY. So I do think a very structured plan can help someone learn and form new habits (for instance I can easily see myself eating 5-6 times a day, for the rest of my life). BUT, you can learn those lessons by just structuring your own, healthy plan here at spark. You can use the spark ranges and eat frequently, etc.

I cannot imagine surviving on such a low calorie intake, I hope your friends take care.

7/13/10 10:30 P

This does not teach you to eat in moderation, it teaches you to be hungry.


It is a foolish thing to do. 500 calories is not enough food to support the body for any length of time, and a much larger percentage of weight lost on such a diet is lean tissue than a healthy diet with a smaller, sustainable caloric deficit.

7/13/10 10:06 P

Some friends of mine are on this 500 calorie diet for 3 weeks. This does not seem healthy or a good idea to me. they say not only do you lose weight but it teaches you to eat in moderation. Does anyone have any info to share on this?

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