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JAIME0824 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,148)
Posts: 202
8/4/10 9:21 P

I'm down. I burned 527 calories today. Elliptical, stair stepper, jogging. See you guys tomorrow.

AMYRACHELLE252 Posts: 340
8/4/10 8:55 P

Yes...I plan on burning 500 calories this evening at the gym.

VGUSTAVE Posts: 18
8/4/10 8:46 P

I slacked off and gained back the weight. I burned 563 today on the treadmill and jillian michaels. This ends day one emoticon

MOON4747 Posts: 237
8/26/09 11:18 A

I'm in...885 today, treadmill and elliptical.

FIT4TEEN SparkPoints: (5,190)
Fitness Minutes: (5,163)
Posts: 9
8/26/09 11:15 A

Thanks that's good to know. Never thought of that.
Well, I'm happy to say I finally made the 500 mark. yippe!! I'm excited yesterday I did 549 cal.

I was beginning to feel like a failure here because I gain 8 pds and trust me it was not muscle.

I hope to keep this up.

MEDICI1206 Posts: 392
7/27/09 2:23 P

Just a headsup...
I was doing the 500 a day on my own for quite some time, and had NO results. It turned out I was burning TOO many cals and not consuming enough (since I was still running on my original SP rec'd cals). SOOOO Frustrating! I printed out my meals/workouts and took them to my doc and nutritionist and both said the same thing: eat more or workout less. So, I'm back to using the SP cal intake and doing my 500 cal cardio (30 mins) on M,W,F and strength training Tues, Thurs, Sat. Hopefully this will help me see a difference! LOL!
Just be aware, if you up your cal burn to 500x5days a week, tweak your SP profile to reflect an intended cal burn of 2500 a week so that you can adjust the needed cal intake accordingly! :)
Have fun!! :)

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CROWEEE Posts: 6
7/27/09 12:33 P

Getting on the treadmill today and going to do aerobics later. Have slacked off lately..........please help me get back on track. I will burn at least 500 claories today!

JSHULER Posts: 71
7/27/09 12:26 P

515...treadmill and stair climber

7/26/09 10:51 P

over 600 today: aerobics and kickboxing.

LUV2LOPE Posts: 393
7/23/09 4:55 P

Count me in... I do almost a 1000 per day... with Barry's bootcamp, jillian and some others.. but I do take a day off... I need it

LORIBUCK1 Posts: 4
7/23/09 3:27 P

I did 450 calories today on the elliptical! 590 yesterday on the treadmill. I will shoot for 500!

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NINAPEA Posts: 527
7/23/09 1:49 P

over 500 yesterday doing TJ

JDOG1960 Posts: 806
7/23/09 8:46 A

I'm in. 743 Cycling.

JSHULER Posts: 71
7/23/09 8:05 A

515 today and over 500 yesterday too!

DALISMUM Posts: 51
7/23/09 2:30 A

Mowed the lawn yeasterday 763.

Sunday, July 19 519
Monday, July 20 441
Tuesday, July 21 497

NINAPEA Posts: 527
7/22/09 5:52 P

503 with TJ today. I am planning on more later on tonight.

7/21/09 3:53 P

706 calories yesterday. I used the exercise bike and the kickboxing video. In the morning I also threw in some pilates. :)

MISS_BEE Posts: 121
7/21/09 2:39 P

Fast walking 75 minutes: 612 yesterday, 563 day before yesterday - I love my new heart rate monitor.

CHERYL1105 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,886)
Posts: 493
7/21/09 1:41 P

Great idea! I need to get to the gym after work today anyway and I've been looking for a little challenge to motivate me!

LUV2LOPE Posts: 393
7/21/09 9:47 A

650 Yesterday and shooting for 800 today

7/21/09 2:30 A

527 calories today and counting. ;)

I might try for another stint on the exercycle later on!!

VGUSTAVE Posts: 18
7/20/09 4:07 P

I try to do 500 a day and more on most days. Something negative happens at or in my personal life and I fall off the band wagon. I know I can do this

MAIRA130 Posts: 56
7/20/09 3:42 P

TJ is Turbo Jam. its an exercise video.

DALISMUM Posts: 51
7/20/09 3:37 P

This is how it looks so far for me:

Sunday, July 19 519 calories.
Monday, July 20 441 calories.

FIT4TEEN SparkPoints: (5,190)
Fitness Minutes: (5,163)
Posts: 9
7/20/09 3:33 P

I fell off the wagon this weekend. I was totally stressed from work and just ate whatever I found. Because of this I learned that I'm an emotional eater - I was always in denial.

I going to brush myself off and get back up. 500 calories - I can do this emoticon

DEE0973 Posts: 1,517
7/20/09 8:55 A

most days I burn more - I'm in

JSHULER Posts: 71
7/20/09 8:17 A

This is soo funny...I actually adjusted my goals to burn 500 calories a day before I read this board! So I'm definitely in! I burned about 519 calories today doing the treadmill and the stairclimber.

7/20/09 2:52 A

I'm in Downtown02 girl. ;)

I'll see how I go.

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NINAPEA Posts: 527
7/20/09 2:46 A

So, all I did today was clean, but according to my HRM I burned 840 calories doing it. So....meh. It's something. I had to take a day off.

DALISMUM Posts: 51
7/19/09 6:53 A

I will take on this challange, my son's birthday party is on Satuarday 25th, so I'll try this for a week, starting today. Wish me luck. Will post everything this week. Kinda excited, looking forward to it.

NINAPEA Posts: 527
7/18/09 11:57 P

Just made it! 512 calories doing the cardio party I of Turbo Jam. Oh my gosh. Time for a shower!!

7/18/09 10:59 P

I just may have to try 500/day. Seems like a lofty goal for me.
I do have a heart rate monitor, but haven't coordinated it yet.
Maybe that should be my first goal: get it working on Sunday and actually try it out!

7/18/09 10:57 P

Kasij: what is curves smart?
I've heard of curves -- there's one in my town -- but I've never tried it.

NINAPEA Posts: 527
7/18/09 12:52 P

BEETCARROT-TJ is Turbo Jam. It is SO much fun and a really great workout. I got it because I really can't stand doing any kind of cardio at the gym (though I still do a little to warm up), the time flies SO quickly when I'm jammin!

7/18/09 10:24 A

wow anyone with access to a spinning class should try it. first time spinning & using my HRM — burned 724 calories/hr. !

SILVERPUSS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,351)
Posts: 1,016
7/18/09 8:58 A

I wanna join too! From tomo onwards- today's workout over.

7/18/09 8:07 A

what's TJ? i am not good with abbreviations...

7/18/09 8:07 A

ok yesterday I jogged for 30 minutes and did 20 minutes on the elliptical, heart rate monitor said I burned over 500. yess!

in a little while i am doing an hour of spinning. hoping that will do that trick for today!

NINAPEA Posts: 527
7/17/09 6:13 P

I am totally with this. I burned 990 today doing 90 minutes of TJ.

7/17/09 5:12 P

500 calories is easy to burn if your just cut it out of your intake based on your BMR. But try to get the 500 off on a treadmill, ouch.

GUAMCHEF Posts: 42
7/17/09 2:46 P

Great goal but not that easy.

7/17/09 2:43 P

oh yes i am totally into it. my goal is to burn roughly 500 calories a day for 6 days of the week.

i have a HRM so i'll know exactly how many i do. this is exciting!

off to the gym!

WALIDCH Posts: 18
6/4/09 4:48 A

Hi all,
I ran for 30 minutes yesterday, and brisk walked for an hour and a half followed by stretching and some aerobics.

I burnt 750 Calories.

I walked with some friends, so we talked a lot and the time passed by quickly.

6/4/09 4:40 A

Count me in! This is a good challege for me... great idea!

6/4/09 2:41 A

I'm joining in,
I did a really intense workout with Curves Smart today, and burned 630!

DOWNTOWN02 Posts: 4,514
6/3/09 8:31 P

okay guys. just post as you have the cals finished per day and how u burned them!

i ran 4 miles and did one level of the 30 day shred.. so i am done but im still headed for a walk with my dog tonite!

GTSLIM Posts: 95
6/3/09 8:27 P

sometimes I do 1000.
500 is doable.

TEEPHOTO SparkPoints: (62,864)
Fitness Minutes: (98,143)
Posts: 1,430
6/3/09 8:26 P

I will join you but I have to have at least one rest day a week or I might go mad. That of course does NOT count my present 3 days of non activity and poor diet. I am back on the wagon again tomorrow if it kills me.

Edited by: TEEPHOTO at: 6/3/2009 (20:26)
DOWNTOWN02 Posts: 4,514
6/3/09 6:12 P

PS...put down what exercise you did and how many you burned, if it's not quite 500, no biggie. join in anyways! :)

DOWNTOWN02 Posts: 4,514
6/3/09 6:12 P

Does anyone want to join me in a goal of burning 500 calories a day starting today until we decide to quit?

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