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2/4/10 3:47 P

Love this! Congrats on your huge loss! :)

EVILKLOWN Posts: 2,536
2/4/10 8:18 A

I agree. I think your number one lesson is a good one. I feel the same way ... one pound in a week is a LOT!!

ALLELUIA525 Posts: 18,632
2/4/10 7:56 A

Sorry to hear that you are "failing miserably". I think the fact that you're here posting is a sure sign that you haven't failed yet. I left some ideas on your SparkPage to help you get back on track to success.

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REETPEET Posts: 27
2/4/10 6:15 A

Oh to be you yes I am envious because I am proud of you and what you have been able to accomplish
It has given me hope as i am failing miserably


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8/15/09 1:09 A


8/14/09 11:11 A

I have lost 60 pounds and gained back 2.5. I am working very diligently to get rid of those 2.5. I increased my aquarobics that I do in a heated pool from 90 minutes to TWO hours, 6 days a week. I still eat 1200 calories per day. I am in a non-profit support group (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) and could never have done this without their support. You will lose those 25 that you gained back. However, you must revise your healthy approach to living as well as eating. You will also need to exercise. Remember to keep a good positive attitude and don't be discouraged if you do nothing wrong and gain a small amount or hit a plateau. Remember to take your measurements on a regular basis - at least once a month. When you don't lose pounds, most of the time you will lose inches. Good luck

HTHOMPSON001 Posts: 309
8/13/09 3:24 P

congrats on the weight loss. Its great to see people with follow thru!!! You're an inspiration!!!

ALLELUIA525 Posts: 18,632
8/13/09 10:53 A

I have now lost 100+ pounds and these lessons still hold true!

LJHST5 Posts: 590
1/9/09 4:21 P

Great job on the list and the weight loss! Thanks for being an inspiration!

1/9/09 4:18 P

Thanks for sharing. I have lost 58 pounds and am having trouble losing that final 2. I am going for a net loss of 60 pounds. I have been within 5 pounds of this loss since August of 2007.I am trying to have patience with myself but it really is hard at this point. I have increased my cardio whenever I am doing aquarobics and am now eating 1400 calories per day. Thanks, Bonney

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1/6/09 3:58 P

Thanks for sharing! You'll make your goal! emoticon

WHTJRM08 Posts: 10
1/6/09 3:54 P

WoW! COngrats!!!

CATMANDO1988 Posts: 74
1/6/09 4:00 A

It gave me perspective as a new Spark. Thanks for sharing your story. Very inspiring.

SANDY711 Posts: 6
12/30/08 2:33 P

Awesome post!! Loved the lessons learned, very good list to keep around for inspiration and motivation!

JONEIL513 Posts: 2,001
12/29/08 5:47 P

awesome post! congrats on the weight loss!!

12/25/08 9:34 A

Thanks for sharing your lessons learned. Very valuable information.
Congratulations on reaching the 50pound mark. Soon u will reach your goal!!

LADYBUG225806 Posts: 266
12/25/08 8:39 A

That is wonderful. I started with SP a little over a year ago but when I hit a standstill that really discouraged me after awhile. I'm really motivated now and pray I can stay that way. I have noticed I'm able to get it a couple more things I couldn't before but I have a long way to go.

ALLELUIA525 Posts: 18,632
12/23/08 11:14 P

Thanks to all for the encouragement. I'm glad to hear that my lessons gained have encouraged so many!

CATHM26 Posts: 568
12/23/08 3:59 A

Thanks for the 'lessons gained' a very good reminder for me!

DALEALLEN Posts: 1,153
12/22/08 5:08 P


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12/22/08 1:09 P

Great post, and so true.
Thanks for sharing!

SOOKIE Posts: 14,594
12/18/08 10:54 A

Thanks for sharing ... very motivating!

SONPARI1 SparkPoints: (57,316)
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12/1/08 3:59 A

Gr8 post, keep going!

CRAZY4DMB Posts: 198
11/28/08 11:16 P

Fabulous post and many many many congratulations on your progress!

VANILLAROSE07 Posts: 337
11/28/08 3:10 P

Great post! I found your 25 lessons really inspirational. Congratulations on your awesome weight loss! =)

ALMOSTGEM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,173)
Posts: 122
11/26/08 3:15 P

That is wonderful ! Congratulations on the loss, and relatively fast too ! There is a lot of inspiration in your 25 lessons. I just passed 50 lbs myself, but it's taken me 6 months. 6 inches off my waist, and looking to drop another 6 inches plus at least another 40 lbs. emoticon emoticon

PEBBLESGMC Posts: 16,380
11/26/08 12:20 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,438
11/24/08 8:30 P

I don't know which is better - the 50 or the 25.

But well done on both!!

ERH0211 Posts: 190
11/24/08 7:13 P


CDORE1 Posts: 485
11/24/08 11:28 A

Congrats on your weight loss! Keep up the GREAT work!

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
11/24/08 10:58 A

Awesome job! Beyond the success that the numbers on the scal show, your post is proof that you've got a good head on your shoulders and a good attitude and relationship with the process. Good luck on the rest of your journey.

RMX185 Posts: 747
11/24/08 10:53 A

That's a lot of weight! Congrats!

GREENCHIC78 Posts: 136
11/24/08 10:43 A

I love this post! It gives me some inspiration to do a similar list for my weight loss. Thanks so much for posting and good luck on your continuing success!

UKMIRANDA Posts: 410
11/24/08 10:14 A

Awesome post!

ALLELUIA525 Posts: 18,632
11/23/08 10:40 P

Everyone... emoticon emoticon

JSCHARF Posts: 1,232
11/23/08 9:29 P

Congratulations! This is a "way cool" post that gives so much information...Thanks!

TTROUBLE Posts: 845
11/23/08 7:37 P

Congratulations! Way to Go! Great lessons learned.

11/23/08 7:32 P

way to go. I find the journey teaches so much! Learning about your body, about what you put in it, and what you do with it, I have never been so aware or as happy as I have since I started sp, and started living like I was meant to live. I'm so glad you've had success

CAILLIA Posts: 794
11/23/08 7:31 P

Congrats to you!!

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,865)
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11/23/08 11:16 A

Woohoo - congrats on your great results and thanks for the great post sharing what you have learned to help other people!


ALLELUIA525 Posts: 18,632
11/22/08 10:12 P

Over the last 4 months, 1 week and 4 days (to be exact), I have lost 50 pounds! At the same time, I have learned many valuable lessons. Here is 1 lesson gained for every 2 pounds lost:

1. Losing just 1 pound is a great accomplishment! 1 pound may not seem like much, but it is one less pound than I started with and brings me that much closer to my goal.

2. Losing 50 pounds is amazing, even if I'm not at goal...yet!

3. I don't have to deprive myself of anything.

4. I do have to eat in moderation.

5. Nutrition labels are important to recognizing serving sizes.

6. The food scale is my friend.

7. I am usually satisfied after eating appropriate portion sizes.

8. I can have a "family size" bag of chips in the house and not eat the whole bag in one sitting.

9. I don't have to eat when I am stressed or emotional.

10. Water is good for me.

11. Drinking water aids in weight loss.

12. I still don't "like" water, but I can tolerate 10 8-ounce glasses per day.

13. I can make informed decisions at restaurants.

14. I can ask for a "to go" box when I order a meal at a restaurant. The serving size of these meals is usually a lot smaller than what they give me.

15. It is nice to be able to do things like climbing stairs without being winded.

16. I don't have to love exercising, but I can find exercises that I like (or at least don't mind).

17. I am more apt to exercise longer if I'm watching TV because the time seems to fly by.

18. I didn't accumulate all the weight overnight and I won't lose it overnight.

19. This is a lifelong journey. I want the healthy changes I have made to last a lifetime.

20. I am not content being obese or even overweight.

21. I want to make it to a healthy BMI.

22. Tracking everything daily (nutrition, fitness, weight) allows me to see progress.

23. Tracking everything daily helps me to see what doesn't work and make adjustments immediately.

24. Tracking everything daily helps me to see patterns (like not losing or a slight gain the week before TOM).

25. SP is a wonderful resource!

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